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Summer Project - Dog Shelter 2016

10 June 2016 at 3:00:40 PM

Some years back, after I made a chain link fence enclosure for the dogs at night, I had also seen as an idea someone putting cedar planks on the side of the chain link to make it look more homey; did that.  I also made a PVC pipe shelter to keep the sun and rain off them. that worked well until winter, when a heavy dose of snow brought the whole thing crashing down. I've put it off but decided this was the summer to get the thing finished. The dogs already have a wonderful huge running pen that is 40x30 with trees and a dog house that hub made.I like the dogs having their cozy dog houses and, even though they're waterpoof, the overhang on the roof attached to the house was only about 2-3 feet. I also extended the porch area another couple of feet by putting paver stones. 

So, this one I made out of, mostly, scrap wood. 7 feet high on one side, 6 1/2 on the other for a small slope, 8 feet across and I used clear plastic roof panels on the top. I got some spray paint that adheres to plastic for painting them, as it's cheaper than buying colored panels. I haven't quite finished yet, have a few more things to do to shore it up, and going to put that small panel on one side (might wait till winter and add a few more panels to it to keep the wind from blowing so directly. I also have a climber that likes to try to hoist herself up from one of the igloo dog houses, so I put a couple of old desk panels up high that she can't jump over. Finally, there is a lot wisteria on that side so within a year I predict the roof will be covered in vines, adding more sun protection. I also have an automatic watering dish that I can slide in under the roof, so that it will always be cool and also put the dog dish out so that it stays dry in case of rain. If for any reason, any of the panels leak, the panels are 10 bucks at the store, so it's not a huge thing to replace them. I also had the geese come into the dog pen and *mow* it. 

The 1 test will be when we either have a big rain or a big windstorm to check if there's anything I need to fix or correct but for sunny weather and keeping cool, this is it!





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