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About Somervell County Residents Seeing Pecan Family Medical Clinic Doctors (Hood County) 6/8/2016

8 June 2016 at 1:08:18 PM

There was one other facet of the article re: Glen Rose Medical Center that was in the June 2 2016 issue of the Glen Rose Reporter that I question. That is regarding the Texas Nurse Practioner Virginia Barrett. It's my understanding that, in Texas, an NP doesn't work autonomously but under the auspices of a physician. When, therefore, a patient goes to see an NP, he or she will be listed under whichever doctor has that one underneath him or her. In the article, an anonymous resident said that she has been unable to see Dr Carpenter now, even though she has used him before as a doctor.

..She was first instructed that she could not see the doctor if she did not live on the premises... A few years later she was told she she could get in "if you knew a resident that would call you in". 5 years later the patient "still cannot see Dr Carpenter".

This has been my beef all the way along. Not only is Somervell County Hospital District operating in Hood County's Hospital District, which has specific territorial boundaries that TWO DISTRICTS MAY NOT SHARE, and not only do Hood County residents pay zero taxes for their district, while Somervell County taxpayers pay for the Pecan Family Medical Center lease and remodeling, but at least one of the doctors won't even see patients UNLESS they live in Pecan Plantation. 

She said she is "now a patient of Virginia Barrett, a nurse practitioner, and said "as long as you have an appointment and inform the gate attendee that access is granted". 

That *source* is a patient of some doctor. I had heard informally that Barrett was under Carpenter, and then under Turk, and who knows now. Carpenter again? I also heard a rumour that she may not even live around here anymore. That said, the source is, again, a patient of some doctor, who has a NP working for him or her. 

And she repeats again what I have been saying for a very long time. Pecan Family Medical Clinic is NOT a public clinic. It is a PRIVATE clinic in a gated community in which, to gain access, you must get permission, and that's even if you can get with a doctor there anyway. IF it were a public clinic that anyone could freely enter, walk up to, and go inside, that would still not be a good situation, since Hood and Somervell districts cannot take up the same space. But it's egregious that the suckers here in Glen Rose even put up with this. 

Let me put a finer point on this. YOU, if you live in Somervell County, are paying the doctor salaries. You are paying for a doctor, who will turn you away if you don't live in a different county. How do we even know if they are working 8 hours a day, how many patients they personally see, versus the NP? 

If Ray Reynolds believes he cannot operate in Somervell County's hospital district without the fatted cows of Pecan Plantation, then he needs to recommend that the board scale back operations since, after all, a district is supposed to be for people who LIVE in that district. Shameful that he doesn't. 



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