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The Curious Artifacts on the Back Wall of Glen Rose City Council Chambers

27 May 2016 at 2:22:26 PM

Have seen these before but took pics this time. Apparently at some point in the past Carl Baugh of the so-called Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose prepared some plaques to honor somebody in Fiji. 

The artifact at the bottom left is a whale's tooth, according to this plaque. "This tabus (whale's tooth) was presented to the Mayor of Glen Rose on October 18, 1998 from relatives of both the Honorary Texans, as a token of thanks for the great honours"

Part of the following article says that the two mentioned will be "the first Fiji citizens declared to be entered into the Glen Rose city register, Somerville (sic) County in Texas as Honorary Citizens. The American Ambassador Everlyn Teegen will present their certificates on Saturday.. the first of its kind ever made by the US Government. ... Baugh said the cultural Fijians were superior in physical reflex, according to observation done in Glen Rose. 


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