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Video from Budget and Finance Committee-Somervell County Hospital District- Glen Rose Medical Center

27 April 2016 at 8:41:38 AM


Full video

Selected clips of some of this.

Rough transcript -Whitsett- And I'd also like to mention, you'll see that this last week was very odd that on Friday we received both our IGT of 85 thousand came through, the 50 thousand we were due back because the cost report came in and the tpbacco settlement which was only 48k this year, last year it was 60k. We had 3 different electronic payments set on Friday... it would have been better if it had been the payroll date  

Harper: I've heard that some people were told that paychecks were going to be late.

Whitsett: Well, not all employees.. it wasn't employees it was admin and doctors, we delayed payroll by a day. due to the cashflow.

Harper: Now (unintelligible) Texas workforce commission? I don't know, I have no clue

Whitsett: No Ray met with all of the doctors and all of the admin and we agreed that was the best thing to do because we needed to make payroll for the employees, just salaried, admin staff and the doctors. 

Harper Do you see that happening again?

Whitsett: It's quite possible. WE're in a money cash spot because of this luminant deal.We do the best we can but it's possible. With those payments that came in we were able to go back and make the payments

Rough transcript: Whitsett: On the clinic side on revenues for the month we were down with a net loss of  116,914 for the month and for year 864,454.

Rough transcript: Harper: So, the Glen Rose Healthcare Inc 501a income statement for 6 months (unintelligible). So the revenues from outpatient care 2.6 million dollars but yet the salaries is 1.2 mililon dollars. So almost half of the revenue made is taken up in salaries and that's with discounts, the 1.3 million, so almost all that money was spent  (Whitsett nods head). 

Whitsett: And you know that each doctor, they have their own contracts, they negotiate that separately and that's for a year and for that year it remains that. This is common knowledge but Dr Laughtner's last day is May 31... the other doctors will absorb his patients. ... we had a meeting with the department directors and said we have to make some hard decisions, Ray told them to go back to their departments and talk about it with their staff, meeting on Thursday, cost savings, trying to get all departments involved in this. I think it was kind of an eye opener for all employees. 

Nabors: A lot of money

Rough transcript Whitsett- for Pecan gross revenue was 450,898. The hospital revenue last month we had a problem with the reports that are generated and it shows Dr Carpenter's gross revenue on the hospital side and that was missing last month. Still don't have a report, Kelly's working on it, These numbers are going to change, that's what I'm trying to tell you, also the rehab now that it's up and running we'll see more expenses, we'll have to pull (unintelligible) salaries. 

Rough transcript: Harper I'll just state again. I don't think we should spend our money there, at all, or operating in any capacity. 

Burroughs: We're actually not spending money there 

What Burroughs said is actually not 1. She ought to know that since she's one of the board members that voted to get loans for the clinic, for example, to remodel it. 

Harper We shouldn't be operating outside the district. We're a non-profit entity with the IRS and the State of Texas, we shouldn't be operating in a for-profit capacity outside the district, especially when that district doesn't charge their taxes to the hospital district ..

Rough transcript: Harper: So that check to Somervell County Appraisal District, was that for that lawyer's ..

Whitsett: For the legal fees, yes.And quite honestly, it's still sitting on my desk. 

Harper: Here's a question. Why are we paying Liz Morgan? 

Whitsett. Has to do with an expense check that she had before she left, we were obigated to pay that. 

Rough Transcript: Harper: So we spent $1900 for a dinner for a doctor we didn't end up hiring.

Whitsett: We did try to hire her, she went somewhere else. ... That was lodging? Not positive if that was for the whole thing. She was there for 2 nights. 

Burroughs: We wouldn't have paid for wine

Whitsett: Another Inn on the River- dr Ramsay for peer reviews, doesn't say lodging, the other one specifically says lodging. 

Rough Transcript: Nabors: Is this the lowest we've been on days cash on hand in a while?

Whitsett: Um, it was four before we got those IGT money, before that yes it was down to four.

Harper: We have been broke since we have been here

Whitsett: That was smart-alecky

Harper: Well, sorry

Rough transcript: Harper: I say it's because we keep spending money in Pecan.

Burroughs. Right because it costs money to treat sick people

Harper: Right, sick people in our district. 

Whitsett: That's all I had unless you have questions.

Burroughs: What is going to be done?

Whitsett: Are you asking my opinion about what we're going to do? .. We've been talking. I don't know how much more expenses on the hospital side we can keep. At some point you don't have any fat to (unintelligible). We might have to close down departments, not sure, we're talking about several different things. Luminant 4th of 5th of May so hopefully we'll know something by then. Unless you have some recommendations.

Burroughs: I was just worrying about where mine was coming from.

Harper: I do. I have some recommendations. 

Burroughs: Why don't we close our clinic in Pecan?

Harper: That's a good start

(?soemone off camera) Those are people that pay their bills 

Harper: Cease Pecan operations. Emergency room services only, end the contract with the 501a, we hire a few doctors directly to work directly for the district so we're not losing all this money through the doctors. (unintelligible) contracts have been approved by Ray Reynolds. 

Burroughs Hospital services count for 3/4 of our profit. 

Harper: WE're not here for profit, I keep getting back to that.

Burroughts. You have to have additional tax money if you're going to keep it open if you weren't generating something


There's one more clip I did, but I'm saving it for its own post. Brett Nabors gets snippy with Paul Harper

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