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The Game is Rigged - Some Musings (March 2016)

29 February 2016 at 1:25:11 PM

I'm a Democrat but simply will not hold my nose if somehow Hillary Clinton  manages to win the Democratic party nomination. She stands for everything I dislike about, first, politics, and second, what I now know to be 1 about the Democratic party. The Clinton campaign has, through such artifices as "Unite Blue" attempted to thwart voter's going for any candidate except her (I suppose it was her *time*) and to even go so far as to say "Okay, if your candidate doesn't make it, you'll still vote for Clinton, right?". Wrong. Basically, if this democracy cannot stand on its own with citizens voting in who they want, then it isn't worth the paper the constitution was written on. I didn't see the DNC holding a vote drive to bring in more voters. I didn't see the DNC working to ensure there were as many debates as possible, on times and dates that would ensure a large audience. I didn't see the DNC working to get rid of superdelegates which game the system, but instead DWS saying that superdelegates are there to make sure the grassroots candidates don't win against established candidates. So, instead of the Democratic party, which ostensibly is supposed to be FOR having every person vote, agianst vote suppression, gerrymandering, etc, GAMES the system with superdelegates (The Republican party does not have superdelegates). 

To add to this. I watched the Nevada caucuses. What a mess! Why would any party in this day and age, with ways to ensure fair and accurate voting, still use stuff like raising your hand for a vote count in a crowded room, or flipping a coin? I also read that Harry Reid put his thumb on the scale to get out Clinton voters. 
I saw that yesterday Bill Clinton decided to go to Massachusetts to polling places IN ORDER TO campaign. Not only was this hugely disruptive for those who may have had limited time to get in and out for voting, but why the heck was he there at all? 
I have realized something about what I will now call the Clinton machine that I never even thought about before. David Brock, who worked very hard to trash Clinton years ago, was part of what Clinton called the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy". He now is part of a superrpac called "Correct the Record" which supports Hillary Clinton. However, when Clinton talked about this, it was with reference to the rumours regarding her husband and whether he was having sex with Monica Lewinsky. 

Orwell Rolls in his Grave-I had forgotten Bernie Sanders was interviewed in there. 



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