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Hillary Clinton Flip Flop and Hypocrisy List -2016

22 February 2016 at 11:06:21 AM

I am a Democrat. I have always voted Democratic party, never Republican. I voted for Barack Obama in the last two elections, and am a woman. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Period. Ever. I believe she will say anything or do anything to be president. She ran a dirty campaign against Barack Obama in 2008 but it failed. She's trying the exact same tactics against Bernie Sanders now. The DNC also seems to be in the tank for her, and against grassroots being able to vote in who they support without the spectre of superdelegates changing the equation. Add to that the apparent myth that someone the Democratic party is better than the Republican party, at least as far as how it conducts itself. Clinton, with her dirty tricks, flip flopping and attempts to hide her actual positions, is more like how a Republican acts. Same thing for a whole lot of her supporters, who are pretty disgusting.  If she manages to fool enough people to get the nomination, I"m done with the Democratic party forever and will be an independent.  

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