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On New Years Eve Day 2015-Some Things From this last year that have not changed

31 December 2015 at 9:46:05 AM

and I think they should be. 

1. Glen Rose Medical Center continues to employ, in a position of authority, a woman, Liz Morgan, who stole money from a church, over a period of at least 3 years  and used part of the money to send her daughter to Disneyworld. This same woman was the one responsible for patient records when some came up missing when GRMC was investigated. This same woman's daughter took at least one, maybe two photos of people who were dead at the hospital and posted them on social media, again, from the hospital and at least one from what appeared to be inside Morgan's office. Think the people's families whose deceased kin were the subject of the photos might be concerned that someone was doing this? And what about access to records that Morgan has? These Glen Rose Medical Center records are presumably ANYONE's records from ANY location that sent there.  UPDATE. On Jan 21, 2016, Liz Morgan got a DWI which violated the terms of her probation. She was suspended indefinitely by Glen Rose Medical Center pending the DWI investigation on Jan 27, 2016

2. Glen Rose Medical Center continued to put emphasis on spending money outside Somervell County Hospital District into Hood County, in particular gated private community Pecan Plantation. Hood County has a hospital district, a contract with Lake Granbury Medical Center, a private for -profit hospital, but the residents of Hood County, including Pecan Plantation residents, pay no taxes. How do the residents of Pecan Plantation see themselves regarding this? I was told by the guard at the gate that Glen Rose Medical Center would not be in business except that Pecan Plantation residents keep it going (in other words, where's your gratitude? ) Ray Reynolds has said for Glen Rose Medical Center to do well, the *base* must be expanded, and that includes plans to increase spending money in Hood County, which will undoubtedly necessitate an increase in taxes. You may be the type of person who has zero problem with spending more money in somebody else's district and don't care that it raises your taxes. Some of us do care. 

3. Somervell County Hospital District continued to decrease accountability for how tax money is being spent. Readers will remember that I called them out on voting not to follow the 501a contract that ensured there was a trail for money going to doctors (particularly those that practice at Pecan Family Medical Center). At least before there was a glossy bandaid that pretended to be a process for ensuring that the doctors accounted for money given to them by taxpayers; still astonishing that SCHD voted to get rid of that thin process, which their own attorneys had drafted. What kind of business runs by ignoring contracts and decreasing the ability, particularly in a public taxpayer funded hospital, of accounting visibly for how the money is to be spent. 

4. The lawsuit from the Turks continues on until next year, mid-year. Glen Rose Medical Center and Somervell County Hospital District, so far as I can tell, NEVER brought up the investigative reports that led to this to let the public know. Beyond that, the Turks attempted, more privately, to bring up the safety concerns to Ray Reynolds and the Somervell County Hospital District board members in a letter which at that point was not before the public. Some have attempted to smear the Turks for trying to bring safety issues before the community. Not me, I say, let's give them a round of applause-shouldn't a hospital try to ensure safety and then, if caught, let people know what steps were taken to clear the issue, rather than cover it up and shoot the messenger? 

5. The Somervell County Sheriff's Department apparently had no problem with former county attorney Ron Hankins  being able to use the police department to harrass a woman for writing a letter to the editor of the Glen Rose Reporter. (The letter was critical of him, and I suppose his ego was hurt enough to attempt to use the police to attack her). This seems to me to be more than an error in judgment but a misuse of power, and egregious when it is law enforcement orchestrating it, as well as a  misunderstanding of the US Constitution. (As a side note, it was during this last year that Ron Hankins wife passed on a threat letter by going to one of the Somervell County Hospital District board member's place of business; the letter said some pretty horrible things about Hankins's son. Rather than take the letter to the son's father, her husband, she decided to not tell him and hand deliver the letter. The board member and the son felt that the letter was a "juvenile and pathetic attempt to curb free speech". 

6. Was surprised to see the other day the reference to former City of Glen Rose mayor and now town councilman Dennis Moore in the City of Glen Rose v Reinke appeal, which is currently in the 7th  court of appeals. Apparently Mr Moore, at least according to the lawsuit, didn't want Inn on the River sold to an upscale rehab center, went to Inn on the River and told the owners that "he would see the change did not occur and that the city administrator, who reported directly to the city council and the mayor would perhaps "create a zoning issue after all". And, in a footnote, it is apparently the belief of the Reinkes that the reason Moore didn't run for re-election as mayor was because he wanted to have voting power as a councilman to make sure Reinke's could not sell their property to their intended buyer. Even if Moore had an opinion on whether he would like to see a given property for sale be used for X, I believe he crossed the line when he indicated he would use his power not only to preven the Reinke's from selling but would influence the city administrator to create a zoning issue. 

7. Status on Best v Harper

There are some in this community who believe that we are living in Mayberry, but the fictional Andy Taylor would not have threatened people and would have advocated following the law. 


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