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And What About 2016? Personal New Years Resolutions ......

26 December 2015 at 1:34:56 PM

This last year, with one glaring exception, has been a terrific year. I jettisoned a project that had been eating up more than 50 percent of my time, for a number of years, and passed it on to others. Even more important about that project is that I haven't worried about how or who was carrying it on, lest I get a guilty feeling of needing to take the reins again. Late in the year, I was able to work on a couple of projects that had been hanging around unfinished (or unstarted) for years and it freed me up creatively. Getting most of my banquette table done (will finish the rest this week before the 1st) was also like dumping some psychic baggage that no longer weighed me down (you know, that nagging low-level feeling of not finishing what seemed important at some point). 

On the negative side, I haven't quite come to grips with how to deal with a Texas that wants to force guns around me. I have guns, but I am more than uncomfortable with going into, say, a restaurant, whether others might be sporting an openly carried gun on their hip. I also have had t work on a level of disgust for local government that flashes up from time to time, most particularly this last year and a half. Part of me loves to pay attention and both write and show video about what goes on with our tax money; the other part gets appalled at how anti-American some in local government are, and I'm still attempting to reconcile this without unmooring the whole thing completely. I don't like the trend over the last few years that took secular government meetings and infused prayer into them; if people want to pray for their leaders, nothing stops them from doing it instead of attempting to force it on others in attendance; for myself, I simply don't participate but would like it better if prayer to a non-existent holy figure was not even part of the rituals of local govt. 

Unlike some years where I have had lists of what exactly I was going to, I only have a few things planned for 2016 and am prepared to wing it! 


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