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Wendy Davis, who has admitted she is a political opportunist, to work for Hillary Clinton, ANOTHER political opportunisit

11 December 2015 at 1:00:17 PM

Really disappointed in Wendy Davis. I supported her and was enthralled when she did her filibuster on the Texas Lege floor. After she decided to run for governor, I didn't understand why she wasn't more clear and forceful about various positions that might have helped others vote for her too. At one point, even after Wayne Slater pointed out that the story she told about her life had some, er *discrepancies*, I still thought she was great.

In the last couple of days, Davis has apologized for her open-carry position, supporting it, which drove a lot of people away. Why did she do that?

I chose to do something that was cleverer than it was wise. I decided to take a position in favor of open carry, one which would include the caveat that any property owner who wanted to opt out should be able to do so, whether it be a school, hospital or a private business. Understanding that most of these property owners would likely take advantage of an opt-out provision if the legislature were ever even to agree to pass such a diluted version of the law, I thought I could go forward with a clear conscience.

Davis, of course, is a Harvard-trained lawyer, but to dismiss this deception as lawyerly is insulting to all lawyers. It’s a lie. Maybe a lie of convenience and opportunity, but a lie nevertheless. You know this because Gov. Abbott signed an open-carry law; Gov. Davis would have vetoed it, or so she indicates now. At least she didn’t say she “misspoke,” which is political for “lied.” She’s not the first politician to lie and obviously won’t be the last.

Davis is also apparently working on a pilot about her life for NBC. What will the title be? "I'm a Liar"? 

And now, Hillary Clinton is trying to play off the position that won Davis applause, but from a woman who now looks like not only a liar but someone who will say whatever in order to win political points. Not surprising those two are teamed up, Clinton is definitely of that stripe. Any woman who falls for this is a patsy. 




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