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Bigot Gun Nuts in Irving-No sense for the mentally ill

24 November 2015 at 10:03:39 AM

So disgusting. I'm trying to imagine the outcry if any Muslims paraded in front of a church with weapons. I agree with most of this DMN editorial except for the part that seems to excuse people parading around in restaurants with guns. Nope. If I go out to eat somewhere and see guns, I'm leaving and finding another place to go .. permanently.

Imagine leaving Sunday church services with spirits flying high only to be greeted in the parking lot by an armed group of Muslim-Americans who denounce your very religion.

The outcry would be loud and long.

It should be the same today after a dozen armed protesters toted their guns and signs at the Islamic Center of Irving mosque on Saturday during afternoon prayers.

Just stop it, nuts. Amazing that Irving is happy to be the Bigot Capital of Texas, maybe of the US.  


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