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Brian Birdwell the Nut Wants Guns in Classrooms-Asking Texas AG to clarify

18 November 2015 at 8:19:19 PM

Please, please tell me that someone rational will run against this guy the next time he's up for re-election. 

Incidentally, not only does this nut want guns in classrooms but dorms. Here's the viewpoint I'm with, becuase, um, we are no longer in the days of vigilante cowboys.

Many professors, especially on the University of Texas at Austin campus, have seized upon that clause to pressure campus administrators to ban guns in classrooms. They argue that they'd feel unsafe knowing their students might have guns and that free and open debate would be quashed.

In a higher education forum hosted by The Texas Tribune this week, Birdwell said that idea would violate the law.

“The Legislature will very appropriately be watching to make sure that our legislative intent is properly followed,” he said at the forum. “And if not, I assume there will be consequences associated with that.”

And dammit, this yokel will try to MAKE SURE PEOPLE HAZ GUNS. 


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