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More on Hillary Clinton and her ridiculous dog whistle to women based on baloney

9 November 2015 at 8:26:09 PM

Have said before that as a woman, I find Clinton's comments intending to imply that Bernie Sanders was being sexist is insulting to women who are smart. 

Clinton has “mischaracterized” his remarks on guns, Sanders said during a candidate forum Friday in South Carolina, suggesting that she has twisted the exchange for her own ends.

Sanders’s wife made that charge more explicitly in an interview last week.

Any suggestion that her husband is sexist “is completely ludicrous, as every woman who’s ever worked for him and known him knows,” Jane O’Meara Sanders said.

“I think that’s a misrepresentation of what he said, and I think they know that,” she said. “I also think it diminishes the fact that many, many women have been victims of sexism, so why are you calling it out when it’s not there and you know it? That’s not okay.”

Feeds into this whole feeling I have about her that she is not only untrustworthy but uses anything she can, including pandering to women, to try to win. ugh. 


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