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What the HECK is WRONG with Hillary Clinton? Is *Sexist* her pretend trump card?

30 October 2015 at 5:30:05 PM

Hillary Clinton is really having quite the week attempting to get women to be on board with her by using the *sexist* card, this time against Bernie Sanders for a second occurrence. (First time was that baloney *shouting* episode)

Quinn, who ran for New York City mayor in 2013, said a recent Bloomberg Politics story that quoted Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver as joking that “we’re willing to consider her for vice president ... we’ll even interview her” was beyond the pale.

Here's why this is nonsense. - Clinton Campaign Calls Bernie Sanders Sexist for Doing Same Thing Every Campaign Does

Floating your rival's name as a potential veep is a classic messaging trick that can be found in any competitive presidential campaign....when Bernie Sanders did it to Hillary Clinton, Clinton’s surrogates began flipping out and calling him sexist. Christine Quinn (a member of Clinton’s New York Leadership Council and a fund-raiser for her campaign) says, “Seriously? Seriously? The absurdity of that statement almost merits no response. How arrogant and sexist can you be? It’s not OK to let people with a long progressive record get away with being sexist.

Smart women aren't fooled by Clinton's brazen attempts to use Women as Victim techniques to get the vote. Yuck. I really really dislike it when women use their gender to get sympathy votes, and that's exactly what she's doing. IF it were actually 1 that this was happening, then I might be inclined to be on her side but she's making it up in order to have the narrative of a woman who is being bullied by a man. More and more glad I didn't ever vote for Clinton before, and she's treading on my desire to vote Democrat in the general. 

And, how does this not make HER a sexist? 



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