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Attorney General Ruled that Somervell Sheriff's Dept Supply Elizabeth Morgan's Police Record

30 October 2015 at 11:10:44 AM

Update: Received the police record.

PDF from letter from Texas Attorney General's office re: a public information request I did in early August 2015 asking for Elizabeth Morgan's police file.  Somervell County Sheriff's Dept did not want to release the information and, as per the Texas Public Information Act, requested an opinion from the Texas Attorney General's office. The reply is dated October 21, 2015, indicates a few things that can be redacted for privacy reasons (such as motor vehicle info, DOB, etc) and ends with that they must release the remaining information. 

The Somervell County Sheriff's Department has said previously, in writing, when they requested the opinion from the AG about giving me the record

So now I am waiting for the information and will post it after I receive it.

Background on this

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