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Pecan Family Medical Center in Hood County -22 thousand dollars revenue

Video- Budget and Finance Committee- Somervell County Hospital District 10/27/2015

28 October 2015 at 4:29:09 PM


Rough transcript-please watch the video to hear exactly what was said, 

Parker: So did we chase everybody away from the hospital?

Reynolds: WE had some doctors out on vacation and it was just a slow month for us. Revenue wasn't that bad. We're looking at the inpatient revenue per discharge and it was at 18,000 where YTD is 15,000. Appaently the patients we had in were sicker patients


Whitsett- Actual admits 65 prior month of 46. "Admits were down big time" 


GRMC budgeted for 65 admits a month. Compare with the monthly admits under Acute Admissions.

Whitsett: "Net revenue looks pitiful for September.I was shocked when I (saw the number)"


Whitsett: Cash collections 138%, 3 days cash on hand

(A little difficult to see but that collection number highlighted, came out black in my photo)

Reynolds: We're starting to get a little of tax payments. 

Reynolds: I really do think we've done a whole lot better job of budgeting for next year and not relying so heavily on money that we might receive or might expect to receive. 

Really, Ray Reynolds? Really? Is the RFP you're going out for to remodel Pecan Famiy Medical Center budgeted for? Pecan Family Medical Center is in HOOD COUNTY AND you yourself said at a previous meeting that you wanted to open up two more clinics in HOod County (another one in private gated Decordova)  to get more *base* to come to the hospital. If that isn't *relying on money we might receive" by spending a whole bunch in A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL DISTRICT THAT PAYS NO TAXES either for their own district OR for us, then what the heck is it? It's baloney, that's what it is. 

Whitsett: Net loss of 1.5 million because of other income. 

Parker I have a question about the revenues on the 501a. Were we expecting too much fromt the 501a? 

Reynolds: you see that on the hospital side too. Patients admitted significantly lower. Outpatient revenue included when they see them at the hospital.

Honea Not broken down here. Hospital revenue, when they come to see, they get paid for the visit. 

Parker We had budgeted quite a bit more than actually occurred and a lot of it happend this month. 

Reynolds 27 admissions. Had some physicians out on leave. 

Whitsett: Dr Peters completely gone in September

Parker: He must have been a money generator

Whitsett: He was. .. We have the rental increase in there (Pecan Plantation Family Center). 

Whitsett: OSA document, most recent activity. Goes through Oct 22nd. Most of it hospital going back to the hospital from the clinic.  Check registers for 501a  and hospital. 

Parker: Lincoln Life Insurance- notice that we wrote one check on Sep 23 and then on 30 had 4 separate checks

Whitsett: We were in a cash crunch, catching up

Parker: Jackson Coker(?) Made an offer to someone, he didn't accept, wanted more money than we were willing to pay . Show 'em Dr Burroughs financials. 

Whitsett: American Express bill -

Harper Why is Burroughs discharge #?

Reynolds: Admitting physicians .. Dr Lautner (sp?) had 6 admits in Sept but significant revenue. Moved him into the hospital . Contracted through next June, no early termination clause in this contract. He was the high producer for hospital , Dr Burroughs came in second. 

Burroughs "I can charge a lot"

Reynolds Rules 

Harper Rules, I have 6 of them. Record our meetings with district camcorder and post on youtube. For special commitee meetings requires 2 voting  board members to call them. Any cancellations must be approved by majority... Roberts rules of order

Parker Do we have to put Roberts rules of order in there? 

Harper This only applies to our committee. 

Parker Shining example. 

Harper Certain people in the community have issues that we don't have rules 

Parker would like to do eveyrthing but Robers Rules of Order

Burroughs. Specific rule?

Burroughs if it turns out to be a problem we can amend the rules 

Reynolds: Can president call a meeting?

More of this. YOu can hear the rest. I actually don't care too much about internal rules on committees, except I like, as readers know, having ALL government entities put up recordings for the public to hear.

P.S. From the month before (August)

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