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Benefitting the Rich in Pecan Plantation Who Pay NO TAXES for hospital

Somervell County Hospital District Special Meeting 10/13/2015

14 October 2015 at 2:39:04 PM


About getting an RFP for architectural plans for Pecan Family Medical Center expansion (Pecan Family Medical Center is located in Hood County's hospital district in a private gated community.)

It seems pretty obvious to me, given that this is the THIRD TIME recently  the Somervell County Hospital District has been hellbent recently to spend Somervell County taxpayer money in Pecan Plantation, that the RFP about expansion of the Pecan Family Medical Clinic isn't just something they're all pondering, but something they're planning to do. And yet, the board is unclear about WHERE THE MONEY IS SUPPOSED TO COME FROM TO PAY FOR THIS. It's completely disingenuous for some on the board to act like this is a "Gee, Let's Find Out If This is Feasible" as opposed to "We're doing this, let's pay for an attorney or other entity to draw up these papers and put a bid out". 



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