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Public Meeting at PRIVATE Pecan Plantation CANCELLED-Somervell County Hospital District Spending YOUR Tax Money in Hood County

8 October 2015 at 12:34:48 PM

Saw from the Glen Rose Medical Center internet site that there was to be a special meeting held on Friday, October 9, 2015 at 1:00 in the afternoon. The purpose was to meet with John Anthony of Pecan Plantation Properties to discuss adding to the clinic that is gated community Pecan Plantation in Hood County,Texas, as well as meet with architects. Note that this is a Somevell County Hospital District meeting, to be held in Hood County's hospital district, in a community that is behind a security gate and does not allow the public in without 1. being on a list 2. having approval directly from the clinic or 3. having approval from being known and vouched for by a resident. That means one MUST give one's name and possibly show ID to enter, it is NOT open to the public to freely enter. There is NO meeting held by any Somervell County government entity in which a member of the public has to get permission, give his or her name, and be approved to enter to a meeting in which his or her tax money is being discussed. 

All of a sudden last evening, the meeting was CANCELLED. Why??? I asked a board member

One of the board members contested meeting in Hood County when he saw the meeting notice, via email.First, the email to board members from Ray Reynolds, sent out on Monday after 4:30 pm

Paul Harper wrote an email the next morning 10/6 (Tuesday) 

Email that afternoon at 5:17 pm

Email on Wednesday at 8:11 am 

Email on Wednesday at 12:27 pm 

Then, with apparently no feedback or replies to Mr Harper, an email went out from Ray Reynolds

Reminder that Pecan Plantation residents pay NO taxes for their hospital district, the Hood County hospital district, because they live in Hood County's hospital district and not Somervell, they have NO voting rights in Somervell County, and yet... the current Somervell County Hospital District has voted to spend MORE money in Hood County's hospital district for a clinic in a private gated community AND has plans to spend additional money to open up two more clinics in Hood County. If you are like me and think this is a travesty, TELL the hospital district board elected members. Stay silent and you're saying you think it's okay to spend money outside our district for the benefit of the rich, in a place the public cannot freely go. 


P.S. Somebody called Pecan Plantation to find out if that person, from Glen Rose, could make an appointment. The person called yesterday on 10/8/2015

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