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Gentling Clearly Does Not Understand Domains

I *Salon* Am Owner and Manager of Salon.Glenrose.net- Suzanne Gentling Knows Better

20 August 2015 at 6:10:45 PM

Update: 8/25/2015- Gentling had come over to my Facebook Somervell County Salon page to post, and was caught in a lie. Paul Harper called her out on the lie and I did some screenshots of what she said and posted them at the bottom here. This mornng I see she has deleted her comments from the Facebook SCS page. I have written some more specifically addressing comments she has made on a gossip Facebook page.

Update #2- 9/13/2015. Have been out of pocket the last couple of weeks. Gentling decided on September 5 2015, almost 2 weeks after she was caught in her lies, to no longer have her website be hosted on Glen Rose Network Corp. She said her reason was that I had been *indiscreet* about letting people know the information below. Hah, how ridiculous. Let me be clear. She has freedom of speech to go around saying any old crazy and half-cocked baloney she wants, and she has done so for the last year, at least. When she does that about other people, not me, it's up to other people to call her out if they choose to do so. She decided, however, to put misleading information about my blog Somervell County Salon in a public group on Facebook that invites unfounded gossip and  that she apparently frequents.Her method of doing so has been through innuendo and without a shred of proof.Not my battle to correct all of her baloney, but when she decided to purposely mislead people about my website and her involvement in it, not only at a posting level, but also at a personal level and including having Glen Rose Network Corp host her website, she crossed the line where her angst about being outed are trumped by her disingenuous innuendos based on what she KNOWS to be 0. And, what's even worse, even after being exposed, she continued to put out baloney information without proof. Too bad, so sad, but especially ridiculous for anyone that believes her without question. As I said at the time, 

She said that my husband, Paul Harper, owns this blog site, Somervell County Salon, salon.glenrose.net and, apparently predicated on that 0 start, brought up other unfounded innuendos without a shred of proof. She neglected to mention that she was a regular poster on Somervell County Salon for years, that she KNOWS it is I, female *salon* whose website and blog site this is, and that she at this very moment and for years has been hosting her own website on Glen Rose Network Corp, a Texas corporation I am president of, and have been for years. I have ignored most of her ravings, figuring people would realize she likes to post stuff that isn't 1, but when someone sent me screenshots of what she said, and it directly involves ME, it's really too far.. because she absolutely knows better.

Anyway, must have been embarrassing for her for people to know how she was trashing this site, all the while PAYING to have her website here. Even then, it took her almost 2 weeks to wrestle around to the point to finally request that her website be removed, and then coming up with a way to try to blame me for what she has been doing. Pah! and Hah! 


Someone told me today that Suzanne Gentling was giving credit to someone else for being the owner of Somervell County Salon. Not only is that a completely 0 statement but Gentling knows better. She was a regular poster on this site for around 3 years, posted under an anonymized screen name, and regularly interacted with me both in email and on the phone. Anyone who reads this site and has any kind of common sense already knows that I, a female, am the owner, manager, programmer and ONLY post under the screen name *salon*, no one else does. Gentling knows this, which I intend to show with a selection of emails between us. 

In December of last year (2014), I went to a friend of mine's house to visit on a Saturday. This friend is also a friend of Suzannes, who showed up at some point. I was very polite and conversational with her, as friend # 1 can attest. On Monday, I received, out of the blue, this email, along with my response to her. If you read this *cold*, you might have no idea that she was a regular part of this website at one point. 

Suzanne and I parted ways at some point during the hospital district discussions. Both she and I had some extensive posted discussions on Somervell County Salon about our opinions, and, after 3 years of this, I told her I didn't want to argue any more about it with her, that she had lots of other topics that she could post about, and to please not post about the hospital district anymore. One of the reasons for this is that I got tired of posting proofs and, instead of her verifying that it was correct or challenging it with her own, she would continue, most of the time, to argue anyway. We had quite a few other topics in common, including support for President Barack Obama, support for single payer insurance, etc.  She was unhappy that I didn't want her to talk about the hospital topic anymore and she left the site. 

When Suzanne posted on Somervell County Salon, she did it under an avatar name to be anonymous, in the same way that I do. I do not require on the site that anyone must post under his or her real name (as, say, Facebook does). 

She sent me a quite nice email  in March 2009 regarding my father. My dad, at the time, had gone into the hospital with a critical illness and passed away in April of that year. 

In one of her postings, she called another poster an idiot. Because I don't go edit other people's posts, I sent her an email and asked her to do me a favor and please edit the comment. She did.

She also had strong opinions about whether, for example, a firefighter should park in the fire lane merely to exercise. Another poster, pharper, had written a top level post about this 

She asked me on more than one occasion to help her edit a post. For awhile, because I am the one who wrote the code, I didn't have an editing feature, so the only way to change a post at that time was to delete it and repost

And, because we were friends, I invited her to a party I was throwing that year. She wasn't able to come.

She occasionally had issues with the site, such as posting errors, logging in, etc, and always referred to it as *your site*.

She asked ME about it because, um, it's MY site (Salon.glenrose.net)  and I coded it. Because I'm the one that manages it, installed it, set up the SQL tables, did the ASP coding, etc, she asked ME about errors so I could figure out what in MY CODE caused the issue.


or how to edit

or just some additional features I added

Adding one more thing that is a matter of public record, from the Fort Worth Weekly on January 21, 2009. Both Gentling and I were interviewed, separately but same article, for our positions on the 2 proposed nuclear reactors for Somervell County.  In fact, I used to sometimes talk with her on the phone and we discussed this more than once. The article says

“I knew there was a nuclear plant nearby when we moved here 10 years ago,” said H*****, an outspoken advocate of renewable energy sources, which she promotes on her political blog, The Somervell County Salon. 

Whose blog? Oh HER blog, ie, MY BLOG. 

I also recorded her on my video camera at a Trans Texas Corridor hearing that was held in Granbury in the summer of 2006. This may have been the first time I met her. 

For me, having this blog website is a source of pride and it's disconcerting, to say the least, to have ANYONE say that it's actually someone elses. Even more peculiar when it's someone such as Suzanne, that knows better. I can't fathom why she is spinning this but will say that anyone that wholesale believes what others say without checking facts themselves is doing themselves a disservice. Anyone that has a question about WHY THIS IS MY SITE can feel free to send me an email at salon@glenrose.net 

P.S. Here's some questions that people should pushback against Suzanne Gentling. Who hosts her website currently, ie, whose servers are they on? I'll give you ONE guess (You can use ANY Whois utility on a domain registrar site to see the information at left, which she apparently chooses not to keep private). So what she did was go out and get a domain name gentlingart.com and then she needed an ISP to host her website, including having it on a server and available on the internet. Note that the DNS (name servers) are from glenrose.net. Glen Rose Network Corp, of which I am president (look it up, it's been that way since 2005, and easily seen on the State of Texas SOS website), does hosting.  I was a network systems engineer at Microsoft and taught network architecture to the support engineers. I can tell you that Suzanne Gentling does NOT understand domains, registrars, subdomains or other technical issues or she wouldn't be putting herself out there on such easily challenged bullchit. 

The following is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of how the internet works, but if you want to email me, happy to nerd up the conversation even more. Here are the elements. You have some content sitting on a computer or you want to use an ISP to *host* that content for you on his/her/their servers. You want that content on the internet, which requires an IP address and DNS (domain name) servers so that your content can be found. Domain names are used to provide a friendly, shorthand way, along with other specific configuration information behind the scenes to tell how to get to your content.

Let's take an example of subdomains. Remember about 10 years ago when companies advertised their web addresses and they were quite often really long, like http://www.MyApplianceCompany.com/refrigerators/readhere/default.html? Subdomains help by being able to use the top level domain name, My Appliance Company, and then just have README as a subdomain off that, ie, http://www.readme.MyApplianceCompany without having to remember that long string. If you could peek under the covers, you would see, on a computer somewhere, a directory or folders where the content actually resides. So, a subdomain is  *sub*ordinate to a registered domain, meaning it doesn't cost anything extra with a registrar. A top level domain like glenrose.net could have cats.glenrose.net and dogs.glenrose.net etc. Now read to see HOW subdomains are handled and who controls them. 

When Darrell Best ran for judge (unsuccessfully), he went to Weebly.com to get a domain or host his website.  Look at the bottom of this page and notice his website hosting comes from Weebly. When you look at weebly.com's site, youi'll notice that there are some FREE options for websites there, ie, subdomains, like Blah.weebly.com. Or, as in my example above, cats.weebly.com or birds.weebly.com  -If you want to pay more, you can get your own top level domain, or use a domain name you already registered yourself without the something.weebly.com)  that is still HOSTED on weebly.com's site. That's what Darrell Best opted to do so that he would use best4judge.com without the weebly in the middle as defining subdomain name, he paid extra OTHERWISE his website would be best4judge.weebly.com (subdomain of weebly.com) - does anyone seriously want to say that just because weebly hosts websites that someone at Weebly ran the best4judge website? You mean Darrell Best didn't write his own content, put up pictures, etc? Pah.  Don't believe me? ASK HIM. It's right there on his now defunct web page. 

A registrar that registers, and also could  host (meaning the content and backend supplying everything to get that website available on the internet)  websites, etc quite often decides, for the sake of those who want someone else to handle the backend for them, to be the registrar. Why? Because a lot of people want someone else to handle all the nerd details about the backend.

Here's one more example of subdomains. Here's a website called blogspot.com that has blogs on it. This particular example  is a subdomain called listoftheday.blogspot.com   Following the examples I have been using, above, someone decided to make a subdomain from blogspot called cats.blogspot.com -That person COULD have decided to get some other domain name without the blogspot but it was FREE to them. The people at the corporate blogspot.com are NOT putting the kitty pictures on that site, I assure you, bur rather the people who have contracted to HAVE THAT PARTICULAR BLOG.

Now, I'm going to say again. Suzanne Gentling is WRONG and I have no idea why she is saying so many things she clearly doesn't understand but she KNOWS this, salon.glenrose.net is my website because she posted on it for over 3 years. How about the rest of you that are taking her at face value take the time to ASK ME if what she is saying is correct and allow me to tell you MY side. Otherwise, you are choosing to listen to gossip without foundation. 

Update: After I put this post on the Somervell County Salon Facebook page, Gentling came over to put in a post. Here's what she said. She says she never questions who created or who runs salon.glenrose.net. YES, SHE DOES, she is purposely attempting to mislead people. AND, showing again that she does not bother to check facts, on the registration for the website for glenrose.net, which is Paul's top level domain, I strictly run the subdomain salon.glenrose.net, it says Glen Rose Network Corp, of which I am president. I remind again that she, right at this moment, is PAYING Glen Rose Network Corp to host her website. What she fundamentally does not understand and should STOP spreading nonsense is that websites can be run, managed, registered, etc, a whole heck of a lot of different ways. And, like I said,I KNOW she knows better. Why does anyone listen to her? Probably because it's hard work to go prove assertions. 

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1 - pharper   21 Aug 2015 @ 2:45:19 PM 

Maybe they haven't read your post about testifying under oath in a court of law on this issue?

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2 - pharper   21 Aug 2015 @ 9:52:41 PM 

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3 - salon   24 Aug 2015 @ 12:00:33 PM 

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