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So how much is that Lease payment for Pecan Family Medical Center Going to be? (2015)

4 August 2015 at 2:26:56 PM

Remember how, last month, the Somervell County Hospital District board voted on  this? I listened to see if there was anything to indicate what the amount was of the lease payments to Pecan Plantation. Nothing and no one asked. Interesting as well that this was directly after Ray Reynolds said that nothing had been done on getting an interlocal agreement with Hood County to even BE in Hood County's hospital district. 

Anyway, the lease agreement is over.... $6000 per month (beginning in September). So here you have a district that is asking for a line of credit because they just flat don't have enough money to operate beyond a couple of weeks and the board okays a lease in ANOTHER hospital district using Somervell county taxes at  $6000 a month. Course I don't know this, but I do have to wonder WHY Ray Reynolds and Michael Honea didn't bring this up at the Budget and Finance committee meeting which was BEFORE the meeting below NOR at this meeting. Did they not want there to be so sharp a contrast between asking for MORE tax money to go to another district, where, I remind yet again, the citizens pay NO taxes for their district, and asking for MORE money just to keep afloat????? 

Notice also, hilariously, that the rent payments start on July 1 2015, BEFORE THIS WAS EVEN APPROVED BY THE BOARD. How nice. There's also a $200 extra fee every month. I also wonder, is the only reason GRMC is even in there is that they bought a little lot in Pecan Plantation??? 



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