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Motion to Terminate Liz Morgan Who Pled Guilty to Felony Failed for Lack of a Second

I Guess Glen Rose Medical Center Doesn't Set the Bar Very High for Employees

30 July 2015 at 11:28:03 PM

Update: 8/13/2015-Some additional police and arrest records for Liz Morgan

Update #2. Liz Morgan arrested and jailed for DWI on Jan 21/22/2016, which violated her probation terms. Has been, on Jan 27, suspended indefinitely from GRMC while investigation going on. 

When you have someone in a responsible position of authority who, in May, 2015, pled guilty to a 3rd degree felony and is on probation for the next 10 years AND YET STILL CONTINUES TO WORK as Director of patient records (specifically Director of Human Information Management)  and HIPAA Officer, you have to wonder why the fool almost everyone on the Somervell County Hospital District board, as well as administrator Ray Reynolds WANTS Liz Morgan to continue working there? And especially where, seems to me, she has access to sensitive and private information. Are there are a lot of felons that are currently on probation that work for the hospital in various roles? More than 2? Less than 50? Must make the people that work for Ms Morgan feel that their job is important, eh, since they know she's stole over 55k from a CHURCH (Cottonwood Baptist Church)  but is so well thought of that she can have access to patient's private information. Does that include the patient's social security numbers? Their billing or credit card or other financial information? At the very least she knows all their private procedure information, how nice. Do the fine people in Pecan Plantation who are so glad to have Somervell County taxpayers foot the bill for their Pecan Family Medical Center clinic in their gated community, while they pay NO taxes for Hood County's hospital district that they live in,  give even a thought that Liz Morgan is in charge? Do they realize that Ms Morgan's plea bargain occurred in May of this year so Ray Reynolds apparently has no issue with this, even though at least 12 people on a grand jury did, as well as the judge that listed the very stern conditions of Ms Morgan's probation for the next 10 years. Must be a lovely place to work, where you never know if you're breaking bread with a director that stole from a church (A CHURCH!!!!! !!!!!) and you must hold tightly to your purse. 

Paul Harper made a motion when he and the other board members came out of executive session to discuss a personnel issue. Given that the motion was about terminating Liz Morgan, that must be who they were discussing, but he could not even get a second on his motion. Somervell County Hospital District board, which includes Brett Nabors, Karen Burroughs, John Parker, Ron Hankins, Eugene Brode must be just fine with this, no high standards for people in positions of responsibility for them! (That obviously doesn't include Paul Harper, who, again, made the motion).  I sure don't understand why these others are, it boggles the mind. Maybe you don't care if someone that had so little scruples that over the course of over 2 years stole money from a church, and pled guilty to a 3rd degree felony with a plea bargain is, not just some common shlub, but DIRECTOR of patient records. I do. And I'm really glad that, even though NO ONE ELSE ON THE BOARD did what I consider to be the right thing, Paul Harper did. 

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