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Religious News and Notes-from the Distaff Side-Coach Led Prayers Lawsuit (Hall Co GA) - 7/29/2015

29 July 2015 at 8:17:32 AM

Is it appropriate for a coach to lead high school athletes in prayer? Nope. And in this case of a Georgia school that was sued, the Georgia school settled. 

AHA's Appignani Humanist Legal Center announced last week that the case was settled outside of court.

The terms of the settlement require the school district to pay the plaintiffs' legal fees, which amount to $22,500, and requires the district to host a training session for its employees before the start of next school year to educate them on First Amendment rights and religious neutrality in school.

Schofield asserted in a statement that the district will not be paying the $22,500, as its insurance carriers will be footing the bill.

"The Hall County School District admits to no violations of state or federal laws," Schofield said. "The district will continue to hold the expectation that individuals within our organization abide by the laws of our land. The Hall County School District will make no monetary compensation to the plaintiffs. Insurance carriers are negotiating all questions regarding legal fees."

Although the school district admits no wrong when it come to violating federal and state laws, Schofield admitted that training for employees on what their limitations to freedom of religion are while acting in official capacity is necessary.

"All parties agree it is paramount that the Constitution of the United States is protected and upheld," Schofield wrote.


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