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Glen Rose Medical Center Owns Property in Pecan Plantation and Pays Taxes to Hood County

28 July 2015 at 10:15:38 PM

from the Hood County appraisal district site. 

Hah, So our taxes to go to pay taxes, besides for the Pecan Family Medical Center clinic and besides the two MORE clinics Ray Reynolds wants to spend Somervell County taxpayer money in Hood County for, but ALSO for a piece of property in Pecan Plantation. Really??????? I say again, as I regularly do, Hood County residents pay NO TAXES for their district, because Hood County Hospital District has a contract with private for-profit hospital Lake Granbury Medical Center but they sure do enjoy the benefits of us lucky ducks in Somervell County paying for them, particuarly the rich folks in gated communities. 

The only hilarious good news is, if you look at the appraisal link, at least the taxes From Somervell County aren't going to pay for the Hood County hospital District taxes, because, again, Hood County has NONE. A certain irony here, eh? 



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