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More on Dr Justus Peters Leaving Pecan Family Medical Center - July 2015

19 July 2015 at 8:24:04 AM

Saw when watching video of the Somervell County Hospital District from the month of June, that Ray Reynolds made a comment about Dr Justus Peters resigning 

In the video, Ray Reynolds makes a reference to "some demands" that Dr Peters had made, that the hospital was not going to meet. 

Here is the letter that Dr Peters wrote on June 5 2015 that he turned in to the hospital. According to one person, GRMC refused to send out this letter to his patients and wrote their own (see below), so Dr Peters hand passed out the following. 

The interesting line in here is "Therefore, I have given Ray Reynolds, CEO of GRMC my 60 days notice, and my last clinic day is 8/1/15. This isn't permanent, as I may very well return. But only after Susan Price, the office manager, resigns." Hmmm, why is that? 

Ray Reynolds did not send out his letter but this one instead. 



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