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AGAINST spending Somervell Tax money in Hood County

Hey, Chip Harrison. PROVE that Hood County Hospital District is planning to raise taxes FROM ZERO

10 July 2015 at 11:11:17 AM

When watching the video from the last Somervell County Hospital District, Chip Harrison said that Hood County Hospital District which has a contract with private for-profit hospital Lake Granbury Medical Center (part of CHS) was going to raise taxes so that residents would now be paying SOMETHING instead of NOTHING. I had called to ask recently if it was the case that taxes were going to be raised and the answer was NO. I thought I'd call again because I couldn't understand WHY this would be, and IF Hood County Hospital District was raising taxes, would all the money in a new tax go for indigents? I mean, LGMC is private and the arrangement is the opposite, that they make money and GIVE money, not collect it through taxes. In fact the sole reason LGMC can put clinics in Somervell County or anywhere else in the world is because they are a PRIVATE for profit hospital. Somervell County Hospital District's boundaries are conterminous with the territory and NO PART OF IT includes Hood County, plus GRMC is a public hospital where residents are being TAXED. (ie, comparing apples to oranges). Remember, Hood County pays ZERO TAX although they have a hospital district. Somervell County pays to help out those rich gated community people in Pecan Plantation in Hood County, who should at the least say "OH THANK YOU FOR PAYING FOR MY CONVENIENCE CLINIC. PLEASE STAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GATE" And now Somervell County wants to spend MORE tax money for us,... oops, no, for Decordova rich people. Ain't we lucky! 

Anyway, I decided to call Shirley Hooks this morning and ask her if there was any time that discussing or passing allocating a tax was on the agenda of the Hood County Hospital board. She said no. She also conferred with her husband, who had been on the board for years and he said no. Certainly hospital district board members should know, but if they are wrong, seems to me it is the obligation of Chip Harrison, board president of Somervell County Hospital District, to point out via recorded agendas and minutes exactly WHERE he got the idea that Hood County was going to pay a tax. Or is this some bullchit gossip he is spreading? Cough it up, Mr. Harrison.  I also have another call in to verify some additional things that were said at that SCHD meeting, happy to add source documents to prove one way or the other. But right now, where the fool did THAT COME FROM??? 

P.S. This is from an open records request I did in 2013 with Ray Reynolds and Michael Honea in attendance.in Reynold's office 

P.P.S. Update: Spoke with Derrick Cuinca, CEO of Lake Granbury Medical Center, who explained that no money changes hands between the hospital district and Lake Granbury Medical Center, that rather LGMC operates a clinic for the indigent, staffs it, etc. 

So the question remains. When I called the Hood County appraisal district last week they told me there was ZERO tax for Hood County and the person answering the phone was not aware of any plans to start taxing. And I was told the same thing today re: taxes. I have to wonder if this was brought up only as a red herring to divert people from the idea that GRMC flat out should NOT be in Hood County's district territory

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