UPDATED- Here we go- Federal Law Suit Against Katie Lang, Hood County Clerk That Won't Give out Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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UPDATED- Here we go- Federal Law Suit Against Katie Lang, Hood County Clerk That Won't Give out Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples

30 June 2015 at 6:53:20 PM

UPDATED AGAIN July 6- this is like a REligious Expression Revolving door! Hah. The couple SUED (today, Monday) because Katie Lang was playing games. DMN 

Update at 10:28 a.m.: In a prepared statement, attorney Jan Soifer says her clients Jim Cato and Joe Stapleton are “delighted that they finally have been issued a marriage license and can get married in their home county.”

However, she adds, “It’s a shame that they needed to hire lawyers and file a lawsuit to make that happen. The issuance of the license this morning immediately after the lawsuit was filed does not change the fact that Hood County Clerk Katie Lang has been willfully violating the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law since Friday, June 26, when the Supreme Court issued its Obergefell opinion. The license was issued this morning, a few hours after the lawsuit was filed, in handwriting on the existing license form, which proves that County Clerk Lang easily could have complied with the law without waiting ten days. Under these circumstances, the lawsuit will not be dismissed until and unless we have an agreement from Clerk Lang that her office will issue marriage licenses to all couples, gay and straight, without delay, and an agreement to pay Jim and Joe’s attorneys’ fees for being forced to file the lawsuit.”


UPDATED: That didn't take long- Katie Lang CAVES. Hood County WILL issue marriage licences to same sex couples, SAME AS Parker, Johnson, Wise and Somervell do. 

HCNews (Hood County News link at left)

An Austin law firm will be filing a federal lawsuit against Hood County Clerk Katie Lang on behalf of James Cato and his partner, Joe Stapleton, who were denied a same-sex marriage license even though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is legal. “Sometimes you’ve got to take a stand in life,” Cato said when he contacted the HCN about the planned legal action.

Who's Katie Lang. A woman who was ELECTED to her position in Granbury as county clerk and who decided to make a stand to discriminate against gay couples who simply want to get married. She apparently had no issue with being sued.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fines and lawsuits, Lang said, “of course are a concern. But I don’t think anybody is going to sue me. I’ll just have to take it as it comes.”

“I believe in my religious liberties,” she said. “We’re not handing [same-sex marriage licenses] out.”

What's ridiculous to me is that if she has religious objections about this, what about where the Bible says that unless someone got divorced on account of adultery, they can't remarry. Will she be grilling people about their private lives? What about fornicators? Perhaps Ms Lang needs to force wanna bes to fill out a form telling if they had sex before marriage. 


Now this bigoted public figure gets her wish. Probably likes it because then she can feel persecuted instead of doing the job she was elected to do. 

P.S. CNN tried to get an interview with her but she hopped into her car to get away


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