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Really? Some Hood County Residents Want to Ban Books at the Hood County Library

13 June 2015 at 1:49:06 PM

Update: Here's some assorted video from the Hood County commissioners court meeting about it. 

What's next, a good old fashioned book burning? 

Interesting that Granbury ISD has had this issue of banning books-2006. 

What are the two books that the bigots in Granbury want to ban?

My Princess Boy and This Day in June are both aimed at helping children understand the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, according to library director Courtney Kincaid.

"The books have color drawings and have some rhymes," Kincaid said. "Lesbians and gays are in this community, and they deserve to have some items in this collection."


Kincaid said the challenges were presented to the Hood County Library Advisory Board, and the board voted to keep both copies in the library.

Good for Courtney Kincaid. A public libray is for ALL citizens, not just the bigots. If a parent doesn't want a child to see or read particular books, let that parent monitor what the child is DOING. It's the same type of issue with television, where there may be a show that is objectionable to the tastes or beliefs of a family. DON"T WATCH IT and perhaps put a block on those shows but don't tell other people what to do. 

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