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I assume Michael Honea calls the men he works with *boys*

20 May 2015 at 10:51:10 AM

I know I call my donkeys and the horse that is here that belongs to my friend "boys". But in a professional atmosphere, does Michael Honea call his male coworkers "boys"? If not, then why are the female coworkers "girls"? Does Honea really have a pool of elementary school age females working at the hospital? 

Now, I ocassionally, in a social context, in the same way that I call my animals "boys" will call myself a girl or refer to other women I associate with *girls". That's entirely different than a business or professional environment in which it shows respect for the opposite sex to avoid the word "girls". Now, all bets are off if I hear Ray Reynolds and Michael Honea calling all their other male employees "boys" in professional and public settings. I really do wonder what Karen Burroughs thinks of this-is she a woman who has no problem with female employees of adult age being called "girls" by the CFO? 

A man in a business environment calling people he works with *girls* is not treating them as adult women. And, quite often, saying someone is a girl is a veiled insult that infers that the women in question are inferior.Not calling employees "girls" treats women respectfully and as adults. 

This reminds me of when one of the local doctors, twice, called me "honey". I had never met him and, to me, it was taking a liberty he had no right to.  He later apologized to me for saying that. 

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