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How'd YOU like to make $13,750 bucks per month? Sid *Sonogram* Miller BACK in the news

31 March 2015 at 8:49:49 PM

Hilarious. From the Austin-American Statesman

Newly elected Agriculture Commissioner Sid Millerappointed the wife of his longtime political consultant and business partner to one of the highest-paid positions in his agency, part of a restructuring that has added several expensive executive positions to the agency.

Say. That must be Todd Smith's wife. The one he's in business with that he, oops, forgot to list on his personal financial statement in 2009.

The Austin American-Statesman ( ) reports that Kellie Housewright-Smith was named a member of Miller's transition team on Nov. 17 at a pay rate of $13,750 per month, according to personnel records obtained under Texas open records laws. Her husband is Todd Smith, who has worked on all of Miller's state political campaigns.

I'm SO sure that must be a coincidence. 

Miller also has ruffled feathers among his former colleagues in the Legislature by aggressively pushing for substantially more money for the Department of Agriculture, an agency whose budget he voted to slash when he was a representative, according to a recent Texas Tribune report. The report also revealed that Miller had been banned from parking in the secured driveway around the Capitol after he was caught parking there without permission.

Housewright-Smith hasn't been Miller's only high-level appointee drawn from the ranks of his political associates. The new assistant commissioner for government relations and external affairs, Walt Roberts, was a paid consultant to Miller's campaign for agriculture commissioner as well, records show.

Shifty. Go read the whole thing. 


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