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Brian Birdwell's Nutty Campus Carry for Guns Passes

20 March 2015 at 1:39:59 PM

except for private campuses, of course. Party line vote. I didn't know the following.

Rodney Ellis, a Democrat from Houston, pointed out that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison banned guns from the University of Virginia campus in the 19th century.

"This is not a constitutional issue," Ellis said in a statement issued after the vote. "This is an issue of ensuring our young people have a safe place of higher learning as they grow from childhood to adulthood. The fact that Thomas Jefferson and the drafter of the Bill of Rights, James Madison, established these rules is pretty conclusive: guns have no place on our state's college campuses."

Many current educators are against campus carry as well. In January, University of Texas system chancellor William McRaven, a former admiral, wrote a letter to Texas governor Greg Abbott that said he thought concealed guns on campuses would make for a "less-safe" educational environment.

Yeah, me too. Can't imagine why Birdwell, who was part of the 9/11 attack and started the Wounded Warriors program, thinks carrying MORE guns is a good idea. If I get a Democratic choice next time, going to vote to oust the guy. 

Oh, I see why, even though this will be REALLY expensive to implement. God

According to estimates by college systems first acquired by the Hearst Newspapers, implementing campus carry at Texas’ public colleges and universities could cost tens of millions of dollars for updating security systems, building gun-storage facilities and bolstering campus police.

Birdwell, however, questioned the accuracy of the cost estimates. He argued gun rights are God-given.

“A fundamental right granted by the creator is not subordinate to the financial costs or speculation of our public universities,” Birdwell said.

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