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When Is it Ever Morally Okay to Threaten Elected Board Members's Livelihood? One Man Thinks It's Fine

6 March 2015 at 10:41:33 AM

I wrote about this briefly before, here, where I attended and video recorded one of the Somervell County Hospital Board meetings in which, as usual, the attendees acted like a pack of wild jackals out to feast. One of the people who made a comment, named "Bob", decided it would be a great idea to threaten the board members livelihood by not only talking about their assets AND threatening to sue, but saying that at least some in Pecan Plantation would be happy to throw in on a lawsuit. Lawsuit about what? About what is actually a legal right of a board to discuss hospital board personnel, which includes hospital administrators, hiring and firing, which Gary Marks has talked about before, as has Dr Davis.. You would think from hearing any of this that Hospital Administration Is a LifeTime Appointment rather than a no-contract job in a right-to-work state. It was also surprising to see how many people clearly didn't bother to read the agenda, so they didn't know the meeting was NOT about closing the hospital or had anything to do with Pecan Family Medical Center. You can't make people read, I know, but sheesh, you'd think that people wouldn't blindly follow any old baloney without checking it out first. 

Anyway, I don't know who this man is because he didn't  introduce himself at the mike, but someone from the audience shouted out to him as "Bob" that he was speaking too softly. I don't know if he actually lives in Somervell County or came over from Hood County on his mission to threaten the board. I suppose however this guy is, he can do that, and certainly the board president didn't stop him. But I don't have to agree with his methods, and think that threatening people that have been elected with lawsuits is pretty undemocratic. 

However, I want to call out a couple of things. Anyone can give an opinion but no one should necessarily trust that opinion without proof. If I say, and I quite often do here, something that is strictly my viewpoint, I may say it with a deal of hyperbole or colorful language. A reader can and should expect, however, that I have some source to back up my opinion, which should stem from something real and factual or at least can be pointed to. When this man was talking about firing Ray Reynolds, he said "giving no cause except to eat this hospital out from the inside and destroy it from the inside". He read that phrase exactly WHERE???? That's his opinion but no one should blindly believe this without requiring from the man who is holding papers, that he ALSO show where he got that. Otherwise, the credulous may believe this is something that was actually said or written as opposed to being this man's colorful opinion.

Second, somebodies in Pecan Plantation want to pony up and help this man sue the board IF they ever decide, via a vote, to get a different hospital administrator. Pecan Plantation people live in a gated community that is within Hood County's hospital district for which they pay NO TAX. WHO pays for those lucky lucky people to have a clinic which is NOT public within their grounds? Somervell County taxpayers do. Somervell County taxpayers DO pay taxes for people who do not allow Somervell County citizens to come freely in and out of their private community. The topic at this meeting, again, was NOT about closing Pecan Family Medical Center NOR about closing Glen Rose Medical Center, but about discussing the hospital administrator. But even if Pecan Plantation people 0ly believe that's what it WAS about, wouldn't it be nice for them to take out a big ole ad in the Glen Rose newspaper to say THANK YOU FOR THE CLINIC THAT YOU PAY FOR THAT WE HOOD COUNTY PEOPLE ENJOY WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY A DIME? 

P.S. I still think that the current hospital board ought to go get an Attorney General opinion about whether it is LEGAL to spend taxpayer money from ONE hospital district in ANOTHER hospital district without, at the very least, some kind of interlocal agreement. 


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1 - r u serious   6 Mar 2015 @ 6:37:53 PM  What about the absurd letter from Senator Birdwell sent the SCHD board President and the other board members? It was in the paper and sounds threating to me.I cannot believe a State level official would comment and assume based on the same old rumors. 1

Found it in the paper wrote about it.

" width="60" style="float: left" >2 - salon   6 Mar 2015 @ 9:17:39 PM 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

3 - r u seiuos   6 Mar 2015 @ 9:30:15 PM  Its in the good newspaper, I mean the locally owned one, The Glen Rose newspaper. But unfortunately I am not savvy enough to scan ect. And it is not on their Facebook or website , hopefully there is some nice person than can get it to you.

4 - salon   7 Mar 2015 @ 9:50:13 AM 

Well.. I'll bet you know how, if you have a smart phone with a camera, to take a picture and email it. I long ago started doing that with regard to making pictures of open records, rather than having pages scanned. My iphone does a great job of it, only trick is to try to get as steady and straight over your target as you can.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

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