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Won't Vote for a Republican....but not excited about Hillary Clinton either

3 March 2015 at 4:19:09 PM

I voted for Barack Obama in both elections. Can't say that he met every criteria I had, and can't say that I've liked every single thing he's done since becoming president, but overall I'm happy with my choice. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, either in the primary, nor did I want her for president. I would like to see a woman for president, but the person I'm excited about, Elizabeth Warren, isn't going to run. 

This most recent situation with Clinton using private instead of government email rubs me the wrong way. This seems, from Think Progress, like an even handed way to talk about it, but regardless of when President Obama signed an act against it, it isn't as if a whole lot of the American public has not only wanted to have transparency, but why the heck hasn't Clinton, who has a lot of experience, also had that same point of view.  It isn't as if this is the first time the question of whether it's okay to use private emails instead of official emails that can be automatically backed up and potentially available for FOIA requests has come up. 

From 2008-Bush staffers used RNC email 

I also didn't like, from 2008, when Sarah Palin tried to hide state government business

I'm going to keep tabs on what is said about Clinton, probably will ignore rabid right wingers, because they don't like Clinton, but also don't want to read excuses from Democrats and the left about this either. Wish there would be some other choices, that's all. 

What the Clinton Emai Flap Tells Us

  • “They will follow the letter of the law but not always its spirit: How do they explain that Clinton was a member of a presidential cabinet where almost everyone else was using government emails to conduct official business?”

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