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TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) and C K Strayhorn

24 July 2006 at 10:45:16 AM

I saw something earlier today on a blog that said that CKS didn't know how she stands on the TTC and is trying to pander to people by taking a poll in which she is soliciting opinions. Say what you like about CKS, she is one of the most vocal and definitive about the TTC of any of the candidates for governor. I think that all the candidates except Greedy Perry are against the TTC, but none of them have spoken up as forcefully as CKS and that's why the people who are for her respond to her enthusiasm. Don't believe me? Look at these two videos. One is from her speech at the Texas State Capitol on May, 2005, the other one I took of her at the Fort Worth TTC meeting a couple of weeks ago.

I don't care much for Strayhorn-I know she has taken money from Leininger, who supports private school vouchers-and so, then, she supported them, too. It's the old Money Talks and BS walks syndrome-I support public schools and it seems to me that Republicans will do anything to try to tear down taxpayer supported public schools while getting freebies for people who ought to pay their own dang money for private schools if they don't like public.

And there are other candidates for other offices that are squarely and loudly against TTC. Hank Gilbert (running for Ag Commish), Fred Head (running for comptroller), David Van OS (running for AG), Ernie Casbeer (running for District 59 against Sid Miller).....

So, take potshots at CKS and tell me what she voted for or not and is for or against now. But, frankly, I think anyone that wants to take her on about TTC is making an issue that rings 0 to those who can see and hear her, because there is no doubt she is against it. Find other issues.

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