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BOO!!!! Scaremongerers Afoot!
Saw a Baloney, 0 Flyer Put Out about the Hospital District Meeting Originally for Tonight

16 January 2015 at 6:04:13 PM

Had to laugh. Looks like some fear-mongerers were trying to scare people who don't even live in THIS COUNTY or HOSPITAL DISTRICT about the Pecan Family Medical Center by spending time creating some crap handout insinuating that the medical center would CLOSE as a result of the agenda items that would be VOTED UPON in the future. (I made fun of the flyer at right and added the ghosts and WRONG callouts) Whoever these people were, they were upset that Chip Harrison had put together an agenda to discuss the administrator. NOTHING about Pecan Family Medical Center. Although whoever did this might pretend to KNOW THE FUTURE, a voting board is comprised of individual people who have his or her own opinions,who may share the same opinions and who may not, but were VOTED IN by people as their representatives. And ALL the people on the hospital board, ALL of whom want a hospital here, were ELECTED. THAT'S democracy.

I guess these people, who KNEW this wasn't on the agenda, just wanted folks to make a long drive tonight for nothing. But of course nothing stops anyone from making BS anonymous flyers and handing them out. 

Here's a tip for ANYONE, whether it's mysterious unsigned flyers, Nigerian email scams, or chain letters. ALWAYS READ FOR YOURSELF what is the truth.

Here's the agenda notice for a meeting to be held next Thursday night which only has TWO main items on it, the meeting was called by Chip Harrison, board president, and posted, as his job, by the secretary, Paul Harper. Also NOTICE THE DATE AND TIME of the meeting. 


Incidentally, I, salon, an unelected female,  am the owner and manager of this blog. When you see ANY articles written here that have a picture of a lady with dinosaur behind her, and the name *salon*, THAT IS ME. I have some decided opinions about whether tax money from Somervell County should be spent in ANOTHER hospital district that pays no tax. That includes THIS and THIS and THIS.  This blog site encourages people to post, there are regular posters, and there have been 39 top level posters and over 1400 unique commenters (that's not the number of comments, that's the number of distinct commenter names. When Paul Harper writes a post, he writes as *pharper* with his picture with it.  I, *salon*, a WOMAN, can HAVE those opinions and express them. If ANYONE tries to tell you that Paul Harper is actually the one writing those *salon* posts, THAT PERSON IS LYING. (Heck, maybe it's the same people that are sending out the 0 flyers, above). You don't have to agree with me, but I get to express my opinion, and especially on my OWN BLOG, Somervell County Salon. I hope you will join me as the type of people who CHECK FACTS. 

P.S And another baloney flyer with misinformation.Whoever these people are they must think people are GULLIBLE.

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