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Selected Video from Somervell County Commissioners Court Jan 12 2015

13 January 2015 at 7:26:11 PM

Here's the agenda and full audio from that meeting. 

Danny Chambers opening comments at the court. I kind of love this, a spirit of openness and cooperation


Dr Mike Jones on memorial tree lane at the soccer park

Expo Center Job Description-Listen and note how Danny Chambers voted, I really like how fair. 

I really  enjoyed the following on how Danny Chambers did fair drawings for awarding contracts to bidders where the bid amounts were the same. Open, before the public, and each commissioner got turns at drawing. Just excellent, Judge Chambers! 

Presentation about Moncrief Cancer Clinic
Auditor's Report- Brian Watts.
Total revenue from Expo sales was (2014) 106489.44 compared 170483.49-couple thousand dollars difference, probably due to treasurers office not getting it yet at the time. Up but even more than what he said because last year included some revenue that isn't there this yet, really up over $89,000 dollars. "At this point last year we had already subsidized it by 217,000  and this year because of the increased revenue we've only had to subsidize about 58000 dollars. Dramatic change there which is certainly the direction we want to go"

P.S. This is one reason why, even though it took longer to do those drawings, NO ONE CAN ACCUSE ANYONE of being unethical. Compare


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