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Texas Education Agency Hires Contractor Caveon to Find TAKS Cheaters- Caveon Won't Tell Them Who the Schools Are

23 July 2006 at 8:27:21 AM

Bizarre. You'd think that if you hire a company that says it will turn over all summary and detailed information about TAKS schools that cheat (a number of tests all seem to have exactly the same answers marked), and where the contract reads that

"Consultant agrees that all Works are, upon creation, works made for hire and the sole property of TEA," states the contract, obtained by The Dallas Morning News. "Consultant hereby assigns to TEA all worldwide ownership rights, including the Intellectual Property Rights, in the Works, without the necessity of any further consideration."

that YOU, the entity that HIRED the contractor would be able to find out WHICH schools cheated. Nope. TEA wants to see the data that Caveon refused to provide? Why, TEA needs to make a new contract. And just how much WAS that contract with TEA? Caveon won't say.

Caveon's contract to analyze the state's test scores expired in February, according to documents. Earlier this month, a Caveon vice president said his company had completed all of its obligations to the TEA and that, should the agency want more data, a new contract would likely be necessary.

In the version of the contract released to The News, the cost of Caveon's analysis is redacted. A note from Pearson states that the "Payment Terms are Confidential and Proprietary to NCS Pearson, Inc."

The TEA previously stated that it paid more than $500,000 for Caveon's analysis.

Caveon apparently did this under a subcontract with Pearson Educational Measurement. Pearson appears to be a large multinational company, one of few that has tentacles into all sorts of educational areas, including textbooks. Side note: Sandy Kress was one of the principal designers of NCLB and also a lobbyist for Pearson. (And I still wonder, exactly who is involved with Ignite!Learning-any way they could be a subsidiary of Pearson?)

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