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Newly Texas AG Ken Paxton Takes the Baton and Steps Over the Line [on HB2]

12 January 2015 at 1:31:36 AM

Newly sworn in Texas AG Ken Paxton already beating the legal drums to keep HB2, the anti-abortion law the legislature approved, by presenting arguments for it to the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.

It is mindboggling that our state sgovernment [these men] believes it has the right to do.  Pretty soon our leaders may tell when and what to eat and drink and when to take a bath.  Texas was always an independ and free state and its residents were always free to choose to live here and to conduct their lives as they wish.  Now we are being bossed around more and more by the people we voted for, who are supposed to work for us, we don't work for them.

But now government [supposedly of the people, by the people and for the people] for is moving in on us and demanding we live by their rules and regulations... and I'm against it.  We, Texans don't like to be ordered about and we don't like or want government interfering with our daily lives.  Texas is turning into a dictatorship and you shouldn't like it either. 

While Texas legislators,  Governor Greg Abbott and new AG Dan Patrick sing aloud that they want less government involved in our daily lives they continue to determine what Texas women must do when they are pregnant and they also will dictate to Texans what we must do on issues that are important to them and their wealthy special interest campaign and PAC contributors.  

Where is the line government needs to stand behind?  When is government actually steeping over the line?  And who keeps moving the line?  Well the truth is that it has stepped over the line too many times before.

From the Deer Park Broadcaster:  (Houston area)

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today issued the following statement regarding the State’s oral argument before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in support of House Bill 2.

“Texas lawmakers passed House Bill 2 to protect women’s health and the unborn. The Bill’s requirements that abortion practitioners have hospital admitting privileges and that abortion clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers are not only constitutional but common sense. Courts shouldn’t take the Texas Legislature’s decision to protect women’s health out of the hands of Texas citizens and their duly elected representatives.”


Government's ongoing intrusion into the lives of hardworking Texans needs to stop.  Our leaders are crazed by power & control issues and they need to take several steps back and rethink their compulsion to rule over us.  Our leaders work for us; we don't work for them.



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1 - salon   12 Jan 2015 @ 8:15:16 AM 

SO with you. Said a lot that Paxton, who is a CROOK, got voted in in the first place. Peter, you're a Republican, has the platform changed to where Republicans are no longer for small government, or does that only apply when Republicans want to tell women what to do or stop local communities from being able to set their own rules about fracking,etc? I'd love to see Republicans do the same dang thing about MEN'S procedures, ie, Oh, you want viagra? You have to come watch videos of birth and have a doctor explain to you that taking viagra could cause you to get a woman pregnant, and then have to wait for a day or two to come BACK to get it. 

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2 - pstern   14 Jan 2015 @ 6:10:38 PM 

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3 - salon   14 Jan 2015 @ 7:39:52 PM 

I wish there was some way to just START OVER

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4 - pstern   14 Jan 2015 @ 10:13:58 PM 

I know, but short of a revolution of some sort I can't see it happening.  And there won't be a revolution.

I used to hope that just voting for new blood in the Senate and House on all levels of government could start to make the changes in prohibiting large campaign contributions and PAC's and other perks, but I've given up that bit of optimism.

I think we're just too far gone.

And as a student of history, I know that democracies have lasted on average for 200 years, so we are almost at the end of a long run.  Apparently nothing lasts forever, including democracies.


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5 - r u serious   14 Jan 2015 @ 10:16:14 PM  I consider myself a conservative Republican, but watching Somervell country ,Texas and the federal level I am embarrassed ,if Iwere to seek a ppublic office today I would run as an independent as to not be a lined with the current g o p tax and spend current g o p mess.

6 - salon   15 Jan 2015 @ 10:33:24 AM 

@r u serious. At this point I think party labels are not valid anymore. As Peter Stern points out so often, both parties are corrupt and entrenched. Otherwise, how would you have politicians that get elected and have relatively little money to leave as multi-millionnaires, often to lobbyists jobs with the very people that were on the beg before. That said, I personally will never vote for Republicans because, as a woman, it's more than offensive for some men in government to try to dictate the terms of my personal health. IF Republicans were attempting to help women who MADE THAT CHOICE get safe abortions more easily, I might believe and even welcome attempts to make clinics safer. But that's not what they're doing. Instead, they are making it even more difficult for women, particularly those who aren't as well off as others, to have to miss work, travel miles (in the case of the valley, 300 miles) to go to a clinic, have a FORCED sonogram, and then they can't get it done that day but must wait. To add to that insult, Republicans seem to also be against birth control in general, and the attempts to make personhood laws that define someone as a person at conception, is intrusive and belies all the baloney about keeping women safe. 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

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