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Redux on Spending Tax Money in Hood County*s Pecan Plantation- Dec 2014

19 December 2014 at 2:29:51 PM

Money continues to be spent from OUR Somervell County Hospital District into ANOTHER hospital district, Hood County Hospital District. Why are we taxpayers paying even ONE CENT for services in a clinic within a rich, gated community, in a hospital district that pays NO TAXES while we pay to put services there, including hospital equipment. Were Pecan Family Medical Center a privately run clinic that used no tax money whatsover, with Glen Rose Medical Center beng a private hospital, I would have no beef with them being wherever they want, as any private entity can be. Heck, Glen Rose Medical Center used to be a private hospital, and Lake Granbury is now. I have written repeatedly, done plenty of open records request, issued a complaint to the sheriff's department and even went over to test for myself whether someone could just walk into gated community Pecan Plantation without getting permission. Here's a basic timeline with all articles I have personallly written myself ((with one exception where blog poster pharper wrote his opinion). LIST

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