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On Salon (me) and Writing about the Glen Rose Medical Center (501a) Slush Fund

15 December 2014 at 2:10:08 PM

Because I want to make this perfectly clear that there are some sexist old men who want to try to claim that I, an adult female, cannot possibly write my own posts  with my own intelligence and under my own steam on my own blog site without some other man telling me what to do or doing it for me. 

I wrote a letter under my own REAL NAME to the Glen Rose Reporter on the night of August 21, 2014 at 11:25 pm. This was AFTER I wrote a post expressing what I thought about the Somervell County Hospital Board voting to not follow an existing signed contract that had been in effect for some years. I called Brent Addleman later in the week to be sure he received my email (he did)  and it was posted in the Glen Rose Reporter that week. Here is the email I sent to Addleman. And here is where that letter appeared in the GR Reporter the next week. Both the slush fund post and the email to Addleman were done from MY computer at MY house. 

You will notice in the letter that I make reference to a public information request that I had done in August 2013 asking about written documentation, as per the 501a contract, showing how the doctors had spent optional monies.  The reply I got back from Sharla Collins said that Michael Honea, the CFO,added money to a bank account when he saw it was running low. Because that, to me, is the very definition of a SLUSH FUND, I filed a complaint with the Somervell County Sheriff's Department in August of 2013. Sheriff Doyle took the complaint to Andy Lucas, Somervell County attorney, to discuss.  Here is the complaint I sent to Greg Doyle, including the emails from Sharla Collins regarding the actions of Michael Honea. And here are the emails between me, Greg Doyle and Andy Lucas.  Saying that a YEAR before I wrote this letter about for some god forsaken reason the board voting NOT TO FOLLOW  A DANG CONTRACT, I had already complained about this, as both Greg Doyle and Andy Lucas are aware. I have also continued to write about the 501a including recently when, to my horror, the Somervell County Hospital District board voted for a gutted, no-accountabilty contract revision that STILL does not show how our taxpayer money is being specifically spent for OPTIONAL 501a.

I am the one who video recorded the auditor speaking to Somervell County Commissioners Court in 2009 when Somervell County took over what had been private Glen Rose Medical Center. The auditor explained the procedures regarding optional shortfall money. 

One reason I was particularly interested was because of that 14.4 million bucks that Mike Ford so blithely voted for before a required public hearing was held that GRMC was supposed to PAY BACK.   But instead of them paying it back, they just up and handed over the operation of the hospital to the public, so I went to the meeting to record and hear.  Over the years I have done open records requests asking for the amounts that went to the doctors. I also have asked for, and received, the 501a contract and other related materials.I have been in Ray Reynolds office inspecting records in person regarding a number of GRMC items, with Reynolds present in the room.  Another reason I was interested was this, when Somervell County commissioners court played a PR video pushing a then-not-created hospital district. Who paid for that? If there isn't a strict accountability for every dime that gets put out to the doctors, then how are taxpayers to know if we aren't paying for our own propaganda?  

IF I had just up and all of a sudden recently (instead of having this blog for over NINE YEARS)  started posting political material and on given subjects, including the 501a, then I can understand how someone might be confused IF that person didn't take the fact that the screen name of the poster person is ACTUALLY THAT PERSON. Of course, in this day and age, that would take a great deal of unsophistication and ignorance of how posting to message boards or other social media works. I, for example, always assume that if I see someone posting on Facebook or other places, that, unless the screenname is a dual one (like BobandAlice), it is that SOLE person that is posting and he or she isn't posting FOR someone else. In fact, it's insulting that any old sexist man would say that on a website where the people who post do so under his or her OWN screen name and sometimes with a photo are somehow posting as other people, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE THEIR OWN REGISTRATIONS AND LOGINS. It simply means that some of us assume that others, including women, are adults and not *managed children*. 

But then, as I said before,I have been querying the intent of the slush fund of the hospital for some time. IN that, I am in good company with former judge Walter Maynard, who wondered in the past why GRMC was co-mingling the 14.4 million dollars in one account instead of keeping them separate  including Mike Ford's role in the runaway spending. (I wrote about these things at the time, including about Chet Edwards HRSA grant to GRMC) . I was at this Somervell Healthcare Authority meeting and recorded it. 

Here's another example of an anonymous poster who KNOWS I am Salon. This is in response to a post I did after a face to face discussion I had with Darrell Best regarding something 4b related.  (Incidentally, all posts and comments are saved into SQL  including anonymous comments with email addresses so that I can ensure there are not spammers or trollers afoot-so YES, i KNOW who made that comment because he put his email with his comment). About a month later I asked Darrell Best to borrow his 4b book after an hour long conversation we had face to face at the Chamber office downtown  and posted parts of it on the site. (Mr Best, as per this example, knows me personally, has posted numerous times on my blog (example) , and I have written about him numerous times here as well).

Ladies. You may read this and not agree with the conclusions I come to on ANY subject I write about on MY BLOG. But dang, I sure hope you as females don't agree with men trying to tell you that you can't express yourself or trying to say that you can't possibly be the one that DOES express yourself. It's not just nonsense but belittling, and, at least for me, I am going to continue to fight back against the lies I believe these old men are telling. Loudly and often! 


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