I Use the *Editorial We* On Somervell County Salon sometimes- *We* Examples including from George Darrell Best Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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I Use the *Editorial We* On Somervell County Salon sometimes- *We* Examples including from George Darrell Best

13 December 2014 at 4:53:50 PM

I have occasionally used the editorial *we* to talk about subjects, to speak generally for what this site values.In other words, I am the sole one writing whatever the post  is when you see MY name *salon* and photo, but may  use *we* in sentences. Is that unusual? No. 

Dictionary definition of the Editorial "We"

The Free Dictionary

editorial we


The first-person plural pronoun used by an editorialist in expressing the opinion or point of view of a publication's management.
5. Also called the editorial we . (used by editors, writers, etc., to avoid the personal I or to represent a collective viewpoint.)
6. you (used familiarly, often with mild condescension or sarcasm): We know we've been naughty, don't we?  

And of course, I, *salon* am the owner and manager of Somervell county Salon so the *we* represents the point of view of me and, generally, those who post on this site. Those who disagree with my *editorial* can post a comment, as long as they obey site rules.

and Dictionary.com

Also called the editorial we(used by editors, writers, etc., to avoidthe too personal or specific or to represent a collective viewpoint):

As for this column, we will have nothing to do with shady politicians.

 Newspapers use Editorial "We" all the time, so does President Barack Obama, and here are a couple of other examples, from a Glen Rose citizen, George Darrell Best. Heck, even the constitution uses "We the People" but you can dang well know it was not every person in the then budding US that wrote that. You know, I LIKE using the editorial "we", it feels inclusive to me and hopefully encourages others of like mind to join in, in the same way that Darrell Best undoubtedly used it when he speaks of "we". 

Here is an example from a book written in 1920 on "Freedom of Speech" in which the author alternates between using "We" and "I".

Here's the first example, from when Best put in his credentials in a Q&A for the Glen Rose Reporter for his failed attempt to be elected judge. (Danny Chambers will be the county judge starting January 1, 2015. Note his use of *we* to speak for Somervell County. 

He also used the same construct going back and forth between *we* and *I* on his best4judge page (now cached on google)

Over the next few days I will be talking about all of these points, starting with Vision.  My Vision for Somervell County is for Economic Independence.  Comanche Peak represents 80% of the tax base in Somervell County.  When they get the sniffles, we catch a cold.  So my vision and plan starts there.  How do we get Somervell County Economically Independent of Comanche Peak?  We will always be a "Nuclear Community", so we are not talking about how to get rid of Comanche Peak.  Rather, we are talking about how can we be a good partner with Comanche Peak so they no longer have the burden of paying 80% of the taxes in the County.  We are not going to bully Comanche Peak, as some have suggested, into "give" us more money.  We are going to partner with them to expand our tax base, create jobs, secure our economic future and sustain our way of life.

Here, from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune of October 5, 2008, is Darrell Best using the editorial *we* to represent the Save Chalk Mountain Group. 

FTC document dated May 13, 2009 - Note that Darrell Best is speaking in the editorial *we* phrasing for his company 4SameDay Solutions.


More examples, because it's a really common writing technique to use "We". From Kevin Reed, current attorney for GRMC

“We’re a culturally diverse city,” said Kevin Reed, a lawyer who is board president of the Austin JFON. “We have a huge need for immigration services. We have an enormous need for those people who are unable to afford the service.

“I think we’re filling a much-needed niche.”

And Ray Reynolds uses editorial "We" heavily in this Glen Rose current blog article, where he flips back between *we* and *I*.

P.S.. Very occasionally, I may also use We as a way to describe personal events of me and hub, me and family, etc. I am ALWAYS the only one writing that post, there's no taking turns back and forth or getting permission from someone else or even any guarantee that anyone else in my family knows that I have posted. If my hub wants to write something, he has his own login and can post under his own name-and he does:). To be sure about anything, ALWAYS check first to see WHO is writing and then what the context is. Here's an example of a mommy blogger that does this, but no one can mistake that she is writing ABOUT her family HERSELF. 

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