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Quick Site Update- Techie Stuff-LiveFyre-Comments, etc

29 November 2014 at 10:52:24 PM

Update: Found a showstopper with Livefyre. I really want to have a way to show the latest comments and Livefyre ONLY has this with what is undoubtedly a paid *Enterprise* version. So, back to the drawing board, am going to rework the comment part to more closely match the features I want AND bite the bullet about thumbs up/thumbs down.

Update #2. I'm doing some changes behind the scenes today to add Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, and also a better guest login. The other one STARTED with a captcha, this one starts with the form AND the captcha. Alternatively, someone can register and login to post and I'm fixing the redirect to return to the post the person was on. Notice also that I have put the most recent top level post for a commenter on the comment. On the Thumbs Up, this will be ONLY for those that are logged on, although I might change that if I can make a unique identifier for a *clicker*. In other words, I don't want the situation where someone attempts to *game* a post by clicking thumbs up on it repeatedly and the best way to track this at this point is by requiring logons. Going to work on this today so if you see anything weird or see an error, wait to tell me tomorrow. 

Was asked recently about putting in some kind of thumbs up/thumbs down system and finally started thinking about it today. For reasons too potentially boring to get into here, it would have required quite a bit of work to do something that would, for example, have allowed for a person to like a comment but not be able to *vote* for it repeatedly. Decided to go look at one of the comment systems again and am going to test out LiveFyre. You might remember a few months back I temporarily looked at Disqus but was not happy with it. This seems to load pretty quick, has the ability for a person to login via a number of providers, and the ability to *like* a comment. I'm going to leave what I call *legacy* comments but take off the way to add them using the old systemJust came across that Livefyre DOES do guest posts, which means someone doesn't have to login to do them. Also has moderation, meaning any comments must be approved before showing up-I haven't decided to do this yet, IF there is a lot of spam or craziness, will moderate the comments. Regular commenters can be *white-listed*, meaning their comments will go automatically to be posted after changing that status. That thus allows, same as how my registration system does on the site in general, that guest posts would be moderated and not show till after approval, but regular commenters would see their comments right away.

I'm not going to, at this point, have likes on a top level post itself, but hope the commenting feature with its rich features will encourage more discusion. I also need to see where to add comment counts and hopefully a list of the latest comments from all posts, etc. If Livefyre doesn't have that ability, ie, a "Latest Comments" feature, don't forget you can subscribe or *follow* your comment to see if there are any additional ones. 

So, if you want to post a top level post on Somervell County Salon, you need to be registered and logged on using THIS registration system. As readers know, this site welcomes top level posters after a bit of qualification. If you want to comment on a given post, have at it using Livefyre. 

P.S. Also changed the date format to the longer string in each top level post. I originally had military time, but decided that having the actual time spelled out might help some who aren't familiar with the short format. 


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