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Those Sneaky Sneaky Texas Toll Roads- Blacklands Corridor-2014

29 October 2014 at 9:43:53 AM

Toll Roads are Zombies. Just when you think you have struck them dead, they pop up from behind a tree and Walk Again.

People have noticed that an important planning document released by the Texas Department of Transportation, called the 2015 Unified Transportation Program, still lists the toll road. "NEW LOCATION TOLL ROAD-BLACKLANDS CORRIDOR," TxDOT's UTP says.

We thought that the state wasn't supposed to approve the toll road unless the region did. So what's the toll road doing in the state's plans? A TxDOT spokesman offers this explanation in an email:

The Blacklands Corridor is included in the 2015 UTP for informational purposes as a privately funded project. There are no TxDOT, federal or RTC [regional transportation council] funds designated for the project. Because the proposed project does not involve RTC funds, it does not first have to go through the RTC for TxDOT to include it in the UTP. Ultimately, if the project advances, TxDOT and RTC plans will have to align.

The state doesn't need the region's approval, but it all has to align in the end. Another TxDOT spokesman explained the competing agendas of the region and the state this way toThe Dallas Morning News: "They do cross paths, but they're not mutually exclusive."

Years ago, hub and I went to various TTC meetings, including Granbury. Here's me asking Kip Averitt about the Trans Texas Corridor

I can't find it at this moment but one of the people that spoke up, I think at the Cleburne, Johnson Co meeting lived in Temple and was concerned about the rich farm blackland being taken for a toll road.  Here's a compliation
As Kip Averitt said above, Rick Perry said that TTC is dead but what actually happened is that they simply broke up all the toll roads into smaller segments so as not to attract attention. There's a ballot proposition right now to give money for roads but it's not entirely clear that Txdot WON'T use some of that tax money for toll roads. 



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" width="60" style="float: left" >1 - pstern   30 Oct 2014 @ 8:27:33 PM 

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2 - salon   31 Oct 2014 @ 8:26:03 AM 

hahah. Made me laugh. You keep right on doing that. 

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3 - salon   17 Dec 2014 @ 9:38:12 PM 

ANOTHER article about the Blacklands Toll Road from Unfair Park

And let's not be too terribly coy about what this is about. This is about Michael Morris, the hired transportation director of NCTCOG, the staff guy who seems to have more power than the elected officials he supposedly reports to. Burkett didn't say it, but everybody and his dog in the opposition group thinks Morris is the behind-the-scenes Jesus, the guy who can pronounce a project dead and then bring it back to life after the heat dies down.

When Burkett demanded answers in writing to her questions, many people including me were salivating to see what kind of letter she got back. What would G.I. Joe tell her? Would he tell her the executive committee of NCTCOG had asked state officials to keep the toll road alive in their deep freeze while they told the locals it was dead? Or would he put it on Morris?

Ten days ago G.I. Joe wrote back (letter below) telling Burkett he didn't want to put his answers in a letter. He suggested a meeting instead.

Of course he didn't want to put his answers in a letter. You know how it is with those damned letters, all in writing and such, discoverable by reporters under state public information laws. How much more convenient to have a closed door meeting where you can just sit there with your lips zipped and give the representative your best screw-you smile.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

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