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Technical and background info about blog somervell county salon

17 October 2014 at 10:52:07 AM

Maybe a little esoteric but in case you're interested. Some years ago I wanted to get my own domain for the purpose of, blog style, discussing political issues. Rather than pay for a new domain, hub, who had, offered to create a sub domain, I decide to name it salon and was off and running. My husband does not and never has managed the site. I went out and found free message board and blog software, and, using Frontpage, and directly working w SQL server at the back end, installed the software, I have an extensive background in software and hardware, including a previous certification as an NT systems engineer, as well as having worked in technical support, also as a trainer, and systems engineer for sales which involved doing technical presentations in large venues and small, plus I ran an NT users group at infomart for a couple of years. Saying that both my husband and I are technical nerds. But I am the one behind this site which has its own DNS record. Some years later decided to get shortened domain -all our domains are listed under one account as we get a discount for doing that -I wanted a shorter name for marking videos and altered the site code to redirect requests coming in on scsalon to I personally have multiple domains which is not unusual in nerd households. 

I also worked for three different graphic software companies, as well as a computer hardware company ( remember the Mach 20 board? )and know my way around Adobe Photoshop and premiere pro. The design here, love it or hate it or think my taste is entirely in my mouth, is what I see and what I have created and implemented myself. 

I love cameras and have several. My latest one, a handicam hd, is one I have had for a number of years after my husband gave it to me as a gift on my birthday -I have used that camera to record a wealth of subjects and am appreciative of my sweetie for getting it for me. As married people, occasionally he has borrowed the camera but it is my camera, not a family one. He likewise has things I have given to him as gifts that he might let me use sometimes but that does not make them mine. (Like his guns) I also through my YouTube account sometimes upload clips from others such as this burglary video  I have also done many open records requests or direct requests of govt representatives getting copies of recordings (audio or video). Update: To make this entirely clear, I have ALWAYS recorded government meetings that I attend with a camera for myself as a citizen and NEVER on behalf of a government entity. For example, I, on my own recorded the second meeting of SomCo Hosp District-the crowd that attended was so unruly that it was impossible to even hear what anyone on the dais said; there was an audio recording done by someone else that was sitting in the front row that was much better; I myself did not create video because the attendees were so disruptive. NOTE that there is NO requirement that any government entity create audio or video, but it's good when they do, as then you can know EXACTLY what happened as opposed to merely reading minutes

Minutes and Recordings

TOMA requires governmental bodies to record minutes of their meetings and to make them available to the public for inspection and copying. They may, but need not, make audio or video recordings of their meetings. If a governmental body chooses to do so, however, the recording is a public record that you can access just like ordinary minutes. A governmental body may also broadcast meetings over the Internet, but it is not required to do so.

On the blog software-I know classic asp and have extensively reworked the software to customize it for my purposes. (Yes I should quit using classic and go to but sometimes you get comfortable w the familiar) This includes, for example captchas for anonymous comments, creating pending states for comments so that spam dies not post directly to the board . ( I hate spam and it is the bane of any online system that has comments) I created a system that allows for any number of top blog posters , although at the present time there are 4 that regularly post, including myself. The top level poster must be approved to post directly, usually based on previous comments. But given that salon is my site, I make the rules and do the work . Each person always posts as him or herself -I will not tolerate someone trying to post as someone else. For example, for a number of years had a delightful person using screen name humanbeing posting here -no one else could have posted as that person who logged in using a password only known to him her self. How can you know who is posting what? 

I like having multiple posters and commenters on the site as long as they fit the general view of a liberal or moderate world. I want people to converse but do it on the basis of ideas, with documentation to back up assertions. And I can, on this my blog 

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