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Complaint about 501a Slush Fund and Pecan Plantation
Excursus about Open Records in Texas- Emphasis on Somervell County Salon Open Records

16 October 2014 at 10:38:05 AM

I for a very long time had a page on my site, Somervell County Salon (salon.glenrose.net) listing various open records documents that I had requested over time. At the time I pretty much stopped going to government meetings and recording them regularly (2010-2011), I had regularly campaigned on this site for government entities to put up their documents, including check registers, minutes, audio, and related documents so that all could more easily see what is going on at the local level. At the point that I stopped talking about this, most of the entities put their info online while a couple still didn't. Notably the two that were behind were the City of Glen Rose and the Somervell County Hospital Authority/District. Now, mind you, THAT WAS FOUR YEARS AGO. 

There are two local events  that caught my interest in 2013 when I brought my head up for air from a technical project I'd been working on for almost 3 solid years. The first was the election to create a hospital district (the second one, the first one failed resoundingly). I was, along with a lot of people in Somervell County, against creation of a hospital district, and was astounded when it passed. At some point, my husband and some others decided to do a petition to dissolve the hospital district, which of course is completely legal. I was not involved at that point at all, was busy with my own project. At some point I got mentally engaged and decided to help out by putting my own feet on the ground and going door to door to get signatures, all with the proviso that I was NOT the one in charge of doing this, but just someone who wanted to volunteer to help. While doing this, I was reminded of two issues that I have had for years with Glen Rose Medical Center that I do NOT like and believe they are illegal. One was Pecan Family Medical Center in Hood County, which has its own hospital district that pays zero tax while Somervell County residents pay tax to support them in their private gated community. The other was about the 501a Glen Rose Healthcare Inc *shortfall money*. I had, over the years, done open records requests as well as video recorded the original handover meeting with Somervell County Commissioners Court and it appeared to me that GRMC was not following the contract that Ray Reynolds had signified to an auditor was 1. I was thinking one day about how Section C of the 501a contract indicated that, after approval, the doctors were supposed to come back with a report SHOWING how they spent the money and did an open records request. I asked for this, incidentally, because I am a female, thinking, adult that wondered about it FOR MYSELF and not at the behest of anyone else. (I have, incidentally, saved ALL emails and have the originals of the following exchanges

From August 8, 2013

Ms Collins

I am requesting the following items, in electronic, digital format, happy to get on CD

  1. All copies of agreements, including management agreements between Glen Rose Healthcare Inc (the 501a) and Somervell County Hospital Authority/Somervell County Hospital District dba Glen Rose Medical Center from October 2009 to this date, to include any new management agreements made after the District was finalized.

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1 - concernedcitizen   17 Oct 2014 @ 6:48:08 AM 

Salon--excellent job of capturing and reveling everything. Truth exposes a lot!  Shows which elected officials are doing their job---also revels those that aren't. We really need to elect those that really take care of business and get rid of those only drawing a paycheck!  I'm a strong proponent for following the law. All individuals holding office took an oath--I guess they (the ones exposed)  did NOT take it very seriously !!!!

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2 - salon   17 Oct 2014 @ 11:24:07 AM 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

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