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Re: 501a Slush Fund- Ray Reynolds Says he is not following the *Letter of the Law*

15 September 2014 at 2:28:12 PM


Now, let's think about this, The contract, which 4 of the board members at the Somervell County Hospital District choose to vote against following, specifically spells out that giving money to the 501a is optional, that the doctors request money, that it has to be granted to them, and then that the doctors have to come back and SHOW that they used the money as they said they were going to.  (Side note that Karen Burroughs is the president, according to the Texas Secretary of State's website, for the 501a, Glen Rose Healthcare Inc-why is her voting on 501a issues not a conflict of interest?) 

But Ray Reynolds says he isn't following that, but instead the *spirit* of the law by providing a ledger of the amounts being transferred WITHOUT SPECIFYING WHAT THOSE AMOUNTS WERE FOR, as per the contract. In fact, the doctors aren't even having to come before the board at all to ASK for money, as CFO Michael Honea simply looks at the accounts and adds more money if the account is getting low. 

During the vote about the 501a, Chip Harrison indicates he doesn't understand the issue and asked Ray Reynolds to explain it to him. (Yes, the same Ray Reynolds as above who says he is not following the contract)

Think that would work for you? Your son goes off to college and you tell him, look, if you need emergency money for certain legitimate items, let me know, we'll discuss and then, if you can justify it, I'll send you some money. Then I'm going to want you to send me the receipts so I can be sure you spent the money like you said you needed to.... OR your son goes off to college, you have a bank account he can tap. You look every so often and see that there was 2000 transferred, 187 transferred, 10000 transferred, but you have NO IDEA WHAT FOR.. oh, except that you can account for the money being transferred in aggregate amounts. The first example is the Letter of the Law, the second is the SPIRIT of the law, as in shadowy wisps not letting you know HOW your money was spent. 

You can either have contempt for the law and for contracts, like this video part shows re: the 501a, or you can honor contracts and the law

For the taxpayer, in my opinion, having a public entity that not only HONORS written contracts but expects them to be followed BECAUSE they account for OUR money is critical. 


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