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Ooops! Glen Rose Reporter Got It Wrong re: August 21 2014 Tax Rate discussion -Correction Ahead

10 September 2014 at 9:15:59 AM

I wasn't at the Somervell County Hospital Board meeting on August 21 2014.  My information comes usually from watching the video that's been recorded, from open records, or plain old discussions about what happens at the meetings. I didn't look for some days at the video of the part of the discussion about setting the tax rate because, frankly, I don't like watching the rude animals in the audience that behave so poorly at a public meeting. But I did wonder what had been said about how the board could set a tax rate without knowing what the heck the budget was-seems to me that is putting the cart before the horse. So I watched, from the Somervell County Hospital District Youtube site, video 2 (starts at 9:33), also clipped just that part where Paul Harper expressed the idea that how can the board set a tax rate without a realistic and legal budget?  (goes on for about 10 minutes) 


And yet the Glen Rose Reporter had said that Paul Harper made a motion which was later voted on. Anyone that attended that meeting or watched the video would know that was not correct. That would include Brent Addleman, the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper representative that was at that meeting and also recorded it as audio.

The Glen Rose Reporter put in a correction in this week's paper (Sep 11 20140 .

"In the Aug 28 edition of the Glen Rose Reporter, in the story 'Hospital Board debates, adopts proposed tax rate,", Board member Paul Harper was misquoted. Mr Harper stated that he would vote for a "zero because we don't have a budget". Mr Harper did not make a motion on the tax rate.

Here's what  Addleman said in that previous newspaper article from August 28, 2014, see circled part below. 

As Harper's wife, I agree with him in this instance about a *real budget* (even though married, we don't always agree, we're both adults who can have our own opinions.). I'll probably write more on that in an upcoming post, as I don't understand how, if a budget is missing parts and doesn't comply with the law, even a temporary tax rate can be set and be expected to be even in the neighborhood of realistic. Glad the Glen Rose Reporter corrected their error.Update: Ray Reynolds told Paul Harper point well taken about making the budget legal. 

Update: Link to the Somervell County Hospital District website for the approved board minutes for 8/21/2014 -approved 7/0 by all board members. 

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