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Rick Perry the one who appointed Michael Williams to be TEA Commissioner

Texas Lower Education Standards- Michael Williams Tries to Defend Them

27 August 2014 at 10:52:41 PM

Pressed to explain why the state had delayed a transition away from lower passing standards on state exams, Texas Education CommissionerMichael Williams told state lawmakers Tuesday that classroom instruction in the state had failed to meet the rigor demanded by the new tests. 

"I’m not going to say it’s blame, but I am going to say that it is a function of instruction not rising to the level to provide that kind of learning to get to that place," he said at a Senate Education Committee hearing. "We have moved the bar significantly higher than it has ever been, and the system needs time to catch up." 

yuh-huh What kind of non-responsibility taking baloney is THAT? "I'm Not Going to Say It's Blame" instead of "I'm Not Going to Say I'm to Blame" and what kind of passive sentence is "It is a funcation of instruction not rising" as an inanimate object not controlled by any human. 

Wonder how many people are also thinking about Michael Williams wacko High Performance Schools Consortium bill, which wanted to let some hand-picked districts OPT OUT of the accountability standards. yes. Michael Williams. Appointed by Dimwit Rick Perry, who was going to have to ask the Federal government for a waiver to let those special districts not have to comply. 

You remember Michael Williams. He lived in Arlington and when he went to run for the Texas Lege, ROGER Williams of Weatherford wanted to run in that district, so the Republican Party told MICHAEL Williams to run in our district. (Sid Miller called him a carpetbagger). He lost, and probably because he was such a good Republican stooge, Rick Perry appointed him to the Texas Education Agency.  Before that, he was on the Texas Railroad Commission and had a horrible reputation at that.  Remember Atmos?  Or Michael Williams diversion of environmental funds? 

Incidentally, a judge ruled the other day that the method Texas uses of funding public education is unconstitutional. The case is  The Texas Taxpayer & Student Fairness Coalition et al, Calhoun County ISD et al, Edgewood ISD et al, Fort Bend ISD et al, Texas Charter School Association et al. VS MIchael Williams, Commissioner of Educatoin, in his official Capacity; Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, in her official capacity; Texas State Board of Education. 

What was Michael Williams reply? 

Education Commissioner Michael Williams issued a statement saying that state leaders, "not a single judge," should be determining school finance policy.

"Any revisions to our school finance system must be made by members of the Texas Legislature,"  said Williams, who was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry in 2012. "The Texas Education Agency will continue carrying out its responsibilities in providing funding for our public schools based on the current system and ultimately the legislative decisions made at the end of this legal process.”

Yeah, the Texas Lege DID, Mr Williams. And for the FIFTH TIME, the COURTS struck down what they did. 

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