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Rumour Mill: Glen Rose Medical Center Hospital Employee Allegedly Took Money from a Church

25 August 2014 at 8:39:52 AM

Somervell County Salon received an anonymous email this morning to our alias. Have anonymized the name of the person and the church involved.If you know something about this to take this beyond a rumour, please add a comment or feel free to write

I wanted to write this to you as an anonymous email to see if you could shed light on an employee that may be pertinent to the hospital board. ******* admitted to taking money from ******* Church estimated around $50,000. She did repay the money but a letter was sent to the prosecution but no charges filled. She is currently the ******** at GRMC. She has access to all ********* If she can embezzle from her own church what do you think she is doing behind closed doors? *******  has known but refuses to do any further internal investigations....

UPDATE: Here's my question. is this something that the Somervell County Hospital Board is aware of? Has there been a discussion of this? Is it appropriate for this person to continue in a position of prominence? 

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