SHAME ON YOU, Chip Harrison- You LIKE Glen Rose Medical Center Operating an ILLEGAL SLUSH FUND? Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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Why Would ANYONE want to do business with GRMC if they don't follow written contracts??

SHAME ON YOU, Chip Harrison- You LIKE Glen Rose Medical Center Operating an ILLEGAL SLUSH FUND?

21 August 2014 at 9:33:41 PM

 More on this later, including video clip, these opinions are STRICTLY my own and represent only me.

Update 10/7/2014Rant On>>>>>Guess what! Women vote! Women serve on juries! Women can have political opinions! Some People who are living in what must be Glory Days of "Women must be seen and not heard"  for them are under the impression that I, salon, didn't post this but either wrote at someone else's behest or allowed someone to login as me. PFFFFFTTTTTTT!  This is MY site (, I have my OWN computer (my husband and I do NOT share computers and our computers are not even in the same room), we do not share passwords, or logins. When my husband, who happens to be an elected official on the hospital board came home after this meeting, I asked him, as I believe people in a LOT of marriages do, what happened at the meeting. Seems not only pretty normal to, er, COMMUNICATE with one's spouse, but then to also have an opinion as a registered voter. Last I checked, I'm not required because I am a WOMAN and MARRIED to check my first amendment rights at the door, especially on my own dang website. Even harder for Some People to understand is that I am a technical person, who had a network engineer certification, trained engineers in various software  and operating system programs and did computer technical support; in other words, know how to do more than bake cookies, so knowing  servers, databases, web software, and video/photo editing software is right up my alley. 

What's more, One of those people, George Darrell Best, KNOWS I'm "salon"  and that these are my posts because I a. video recorded him and his wife at a raffle winner event at a local place of interest b. borrowed the copy of the 4b book he had, after an hour long talk in person at the Chamber of Commerce office which was then downtown in the Gibbs building,  which I told him (and did) that I was going to post parts of on this website (under, SALON, MY screen name (AND he was not wearing a blindfold nor wearing a muff over his ears) c. did a satirical political cartoon of him in photoshop which he, at a city meeting, demanded I remove from this site (I did not do it)  and d. have plenty of dang video of him when he was an appointed politician blathering on that I recorded AT those meetings, including lot of footage of Land of the Dinosaurs (you remember, when the GREDC  and City voted to give $80,000 to LOD  WITHOUT A CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!)  or Palace Theatre. . or getting 4b money to fund a Chamber of Commerce events coordinator position. He also attempted to prevent another 4b member from giving me a public record AFTER a meeting.  I also expect he read my pieces on SR2OHe also acknowledged video, on his site  that I recorded of his Save Chalk Mountain campaign. AND Darrell Best has also posted on this site numerous times, including THIS comment which was made to MY post (with MY screen name and photo) about my hub going down with my camera to record an Austin meeting re: Save Chalk Mountain. 

Regular readers of this site KNOW that I have been talking about the 501a slush fund for years, including personally recording the video of the Commissioners Court handover in which shortfall money and the contract re: 501a was discussed. I also did a lot of open records requests under MY real  name to get copies of the 501a contract as well as spreadsheets showing the amounts of shortfall, and generated a complaint to Sheriff Greg Doyle and Somervell County Attorney Andy Lucas in August of 2013, again under my REAL name and REAL email. NO ONE guided my hand and no one sent that complaint email AS me. Any woman that believes she should be treated as a thinking adult with opinions she can express needs to steer clear of the troglodytes that can't seem to get with the program. That includes those that believe that a husband should be in charge of taking away free speech for his wife, second-hand citizen-style. I also do not think my marriage is unusual in that both my hub and I, gasp, SPEAK to each other, discuss what's on our minds, and have respect not to step on each other's toes. If Some People do not have marriage like this, I'm sorry for them, but they need not to paint others with the sorry relationship situation they must themselves have. And I have to question why Some People would even want to spread crapola that is not only not truthful but denigrating by misrepresenting me, the poster.  >>>Rant Off. 

Update #2- October 17 2014 I wrote letter to the glen rose reporter about who posted what and would love to testify to that under oath. Question comes up -shouldn't somebody have attempted to investigate FIRST whether the obviously 0 assumption about who posted what was made in a frigging lawsuit? By, say, picking up the phone and ASking instead of assuming? Really really dumb. (Incidentally, I have blacked out part of my name, but it does appear in the paper-I believe I have no obligation to post with my real name on the internet, following the example of Publius

Update #3- I got a chance to TESTIFY about this, that ANYTHING you see on MY blog site that I manage is written ONLY by me when *salon*. Watch this because I figured out how utterly dumb the so-called *evidence* was (I am a TECHNICAL PERSON) 

****And now to the original post.

Just found out that Chip Harrison voted to table a discussion about the 501a SLUSH FUND. Ron Hankins apparently brought up the motion and that other guy that's in sales seconded it. I guess Ron Hankins believes in CENSORSHIP since he sure didn't want to hear about how GRMC has been breaking its own agreement to properly monitor and have accountable funds that the 501a doctors have to ASK FOR since they are NOT part of GRMC but a SEPARATE ORGANIZATION. Don't believe me? go WATCH this video and see Mr Hankins nodding his head like a stuffed dog in the back car window while the auditor explains just what the 501a is. What astonishes me, though, is Chip Harrison, who at least pretended to be for spending money wisely. Guess not. Anyone that thinks that giving money into an account that Michael Honea simply fills up when he sees it is running low, for a budget that INCLUDES the 501a even though they are NOT part of the hospital but only have an AGREEMENT with the hospital and agrees that even though Ray Reynolds is BREAKING THE LAW with regard to the budget and the Texas state hospital code must be highly ethically challenged. 


Again, SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Harrison. You ran on saying that you would be fiscally responsible, that you were for getting rid of the hospital tax, and you can't even HANDLE  A DISCUSSION on the 501a? Coward! And Coward AND Censor describes Ron Hankins too because there is no reason in the world to NOT discuss this before the public and LET TAXPAYING CITIZENS HEAR WHAT IS GOING ON and draw their own conclusions. Does Mr Hankins believe he is acting like someone that lived in 1930's Nazi Germany? I guess it must be 1 that Chip Harrison is Ron Hankins dog. 


P.S. Why would ANYONE want to ever do business with Glen Rose Medical Center? The board voted tonight to IGNORE FOLLOWING a contract they have with doctors. Gee, that makes you feel really confident about their contempt for legal contracts with ANYTHING if they won't honor the contract they HAVE. Contempt? yeah, I have contempt for these people because as long as there is ZERO accountability with money that Michael Honea puts into an account when it looks like it's getting low, NO ONE should have ANY CONFIDENCE in either the people who voted NOT TO FOLLOW THE CONTRACT THAT ALREADY EXISTS. Shame on every single one that voted not to follow it. 

P.P.S. My problem with this stems from 2 main things.

  • An entity has a contract/signed agreement that outlines procedures that must be followed with public money

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1 - salon   28 Apr 2016 @ 12:59:00 PM 

Incidentally, I'm in good hands with not wanting to dish out money without contracts.A few years ago, Parker County Hospital District voted, with one abstention to give 9 million bucks to CHS, no strings attached, without a contract. Dr Eric Floyd who was then a member of the board, strenously objected at the board meeting and also told the Weatherford Democrat his objections. 

I like this. Dr Floyd has the same type of objections that I did when hearing about not only the board voting NOT to follow the 501a contract but doing a new one that gutted transparent provisions.

Note that a board member said "Is there anything we can do to Dr Floyd if he keeps running these articles against the board?". The district's attorney said "Floyd has a right as an elected official to approach the media".

Really, anyone has a right, as a citizen, to speak up about how their money which is not being given voluntarily, is spent.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
2 - salon   2 Sep 2016 @ 12:26:13 PM 

Happened to be looking at previous Somervell County Hospital District minutes today and saw this item from August 21, 2014. 

Basically, Harper was simply wanting the contract/agreement to be FOLLOWED. Now look who tabled it-Ron Hankins. 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

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