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Somervell County Hospital District Meeting- Tax and IS THE SLUSH FUND GOING TO BE ADDRESSED?

19 August 2014 at 9:07:15 AM

Saw that the Somervell County Hospital District is having a meeting on August 21, 2014. Here's the agenda. 

Some of the things they want to do.

Discuss/Take Action on taking out a big honking loan to do construction on the hospital for a new clinic. 

Discuss the tax rate. Remember when you read about this that a whole lot of you voted to GET RID OF THE TAX. What happened to them getting an RFP to find out about LEASING THE HOSPITAL? Has all that (and those of that voted for this) been THROWN UNDER THE BUS? WHEN ARE YOU ALL GOING TO GET AN ATTORNEY AND DO AN RFP ABOUT THE HOSPITAL? Or were you LYING when you said that was why you were running for office? 

Item XIII is the most interesting to me. Readers know that last year I filed a complaint with the sheriff's department concerning Glen Rose Medical Center about the fact that the hospital was ignoring written procedures that Mr Reynolds certified were 1 in yearly audits, and simply putting money in accounts when Mr Honea saw that the accounts were getting low for the 501a doctors. The Sheriff's department did nothing and I finally, after repeatedly asking Greg Doyle for an answer, got busy with other stuff and stopped asking. However, I still believe that what GRMC is doing is not only illegal but unethical. In case you don't know what I"m talking about, here's the issue. The 501a is a separate organization of doctors called Glen Rose Healthcare Inc and has a contract WITH GRMC where GRMC will give them money if for some reason they fall short during a given time period. There is a CONTRACT regarding this.  Note the relevant part that says 

If the Physician Group's revenues are insufficient to meet its reasonable operational obligations and no other source of non-debt funds exists from which the Physician Group can makeup the short-fall, the statement shall show this number as the Request for OSA for the month.

If the Medical Center dba Somervell County Hospital Authority board believes the OSA is appropriate, they pay that amount into the account of the Physican Group. A detailed use of the OSA shall be provided to the Medical Center after each OSA transfer showing how the OSA was used.

Get that? The BOARD has to approve the money. THEN, AFTER the physicians get the money, they're supposed to come BACK with something written to show exactly how they used it. The idea, I"m sure, is so that GRMC (and taxpayers) weren't just giving handouts to the doctors). "Hey, you need some extra money? Why sure, let me just give you some". In fact, Ray Reynolds signed his name to the auditing report saying that all items were correct, including that very procedure.  The board calls this *shortfall money* that is given to the doctors with both the expectation that they pay it back as well as give written documentation on how the money was used, once approved by the board. Although, when I asked in 2013 for the management contract, GRMC told me there wasn't one, I found where I did have a copy of the contract.

So my next question was, how was the temporary board getting the requests for more money and how was the public to know what kind of money was going out to the doctors?  Well, we aren't. GRMC is operating with the 501a as a SLUSH FUND. When I asked for written documentation on both what the doctors did to request the money as well as the written reports on what they did with it, I was told 

There are no written requests or other written documentation from Glen Rose Healthcare, Inc. to Somervell County Hospital Authority which detail the purpose of the monetary transfers you specifically listed in your open records request. 

So, was it messages sent by smoke through the air? How was GRMC to know that the doctors needed some shortfall money. Well, Michael Honea was simply monitoring the bank account and if he saw it was running low, he put in more money.

The CFO manages cash for both the hospital and the 501(a). When payroll or accounts payable are prepared for the hospital and the 501(a) an analysis of avaiable cash is made.  If there is not available cash in the 501(a) account to meet the requirements of the 501(a), the CFO makes a transfer of cash from the hospital operating account to the 501(a) operating account.  A formal request is not made. The transfer of cash is recorded by journal entry and the running total is recorded in the due to and due from balance sheet accounts of both the 501(a) and the Glen Rose Medical Center. 

Oh, Really! That's a Frigging Slush Fund with NO accountability. My question is why Ray Reynolds OR Michael Honea are not following the written agreement that Mr Reynolds certified to the auditor was correct. 

Anyway, glad to see it's going to be brought up because the fact that there is even ONE slush fund at the hospital makes you wonder what else is being operated as a slush fund. 


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