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Somervell County Hospital District NEW Board
Catch 22 --- Damned if you do, damned if you don't

6 June 2014 at 2:15:05 AM

With great interest (and with strong opinions) I want success for OUR county!  It's exciting to see taxpayers finally getting involved and really taking an interest in the workings of taxing entities of Somervell County. We need to be vocal. While our opinions may differ, we are engaging our rights (hopefully in a more civilized way in the future). Other parts of Texas encountering same problems with run-away expenses are watching us. Who knows maybe we will become the model on how this should be done. If it was a piece of cake and already successful, no one would be so interested .

OUR new hospital district board has had 3 meetings---

1.  being sworn in (the previous board not giving them all required paperwork), 

2. Meeting at school administration building (adjourned first thing because of non-ADA compliance, but no other entity in county is or has been compliant ), and

3.  meeting held at citizens center (ADA compliant in less than a week and discussing openly items on agenda). 

Much has been said about agendas , but bottom line is this board has tried to get community engaged from get-go  (reason at initial meeting they discussed a larger meeting place and changed meeting times from 7:30 am to evening meetings). Success!!!!   They have acted responsibly to date------Regardless what road blocks have been used. 

The board has been open with us taxpayers. (Stirring up a hornets nest --- I guess we are not accustomed with such honesty).  Now if only everyone listens and understands WHY they HAVE to look at EVERYTHING! This is our tax money!!!!!!!  Also laws are in place that must be followed.  (Adherence is a must)

You would FAULT them if they didn't  (loudly I expect). So there you go.

Catch 22!!!!  Damned if you do--damned if you don't  !!!!




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